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Knit Nation – The Final Day August 2, 2010

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Saturday started with a very alarm call and Alex and Scott dropped around to Sarah’s to pick up a few items that Sarah had gone home to make on Friday, one was a custom order and the other was a bag for one of the lovely ladies at the Knitting and Crochet Guild. After getting these from Sarah, we promptly sent her back to bed and went to get ourselves into South Kensington and breakfast. We went to Starbucks as Scott wanted a bucket of coffee and met Eirwen and Richard from Knitwitches Yarns in there and had a quick chat to them while scoffing down some breakfast.

Got to the stall and did some more tweaking of the displays, before Alex ran off to buy some of Wollmeise yarn and other bits before the market opened. Trying to remember what happened now is difficult as the day just flew buy but met lots of lovely people who all commented on the beautiful fabrics and said what a great use for Lego, I have so much in my attic/storage cupboard etc. (We will happy accept donations of Lego) was wonderful.

The marketplace where we were had a wonderful atmosphere across the 3 days. It was lovely to meet people who we had only ever talked to online and also to talk to the stallholders who were all very friendly and very chatty.

On the Saturday p/hop for MSF ran their raffle to which we had donated a prize, but unfortunately we didn’t win any prizes :-(. P/hop is charity knitting project that raises funds for the emergency medical aid organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders. All of the people on their stall were lovely and it is a very worthwhile cause, full details of what they do are available by clicking here.

Pack up was actually slightly sad because the room looked so very bare by the time it had finished and we were also sad because a lot of thought and effort had gone into our stall. Sarah went slightly earlier as once we had packed up we realised that we weren’t all going to fit into a black cab. When the cab arrived, the shelving unit didn’t fit in, whereas when taking it to the market we had a big van style cab. So Scott decided to take the shelving unit and catch the train home. The shelving unit wasn’t heavy but it was a bit awkward. The trip though was made far easier by a number of people stopping Scott on his way to South Kensington station and asking him why he wasn’t going to the Ravelry party, this made him smile that people recognised him from the marketplace.

Alex on the Saturday took a few photos and here they are to share, we will be putting all the photos we took onto our facebook page in the next few days so please feel free to go and tag yourself or anyone you know in the photos.

Brownberry Yarns and Crafty Koala

Old Maiden Aunt's Stall

Our wall of hand made items for fibreholics

Wall of Wollmeise Yarn

Scott's one act of rebellion was to wear his Leyton Orient shirt

Sets of stitch markers on our lovely vinyl record cake stand

Crafty Koala and Brownberry Yarns

Brownberry Yarns

The Little Knitting Company

Knitnacks and Tilly Flop Designs


2 Responses to “Knit Nation – The Final Day”

  1. Rose Charles Says:

    Hi Guys,

    The stall looks wonderful 🙂

    Hope it all went really well for you!

    Have a great time on hols Alex, I know you are off shortly 🙂

    Rose X

    • Heya!
      Thank you! We thought it looked pretty awesome, and the additon of some amazing woollen fruit and biscuits etc didn’t hurt either ;-> We had a lot people picking up the pears and asking where we’d gotten them from.
      It all went really well and Alex jetted off this morning, so hopefully should be arriving in BrisVegas in the next day or so for a lovely restful time with her family.


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