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Updatery August 13, 2010

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Well, hi there.

Turns out when I said I didn’t know what to do with myself, it was a total fib. I’ve spent the last almost two weeks pretty much putting down roots anywhere except my sewing machine. It has been utter bliss!


*played with the kids

*watched some telly WITHOUT doing any cutting out or ironing

*knitted most of a sock

*read half of Middlemarch (George Elliot being a much neglected figure in my literary studies. Shame on me, she’s amazing.)

*taken some photos

*seen Jools H0lland and friends at The Charter House and eaten a picnic

*thought about writing a tutorial and resisted the temptation


*made soup

*cleaned my house like it was going out of style

It has been unstintingly wonderful. I’m growing soft though. I went to sit down at the machine the other night when Jake was out, looked at it and thought no, I’m not doing anything, I’m going to watch tv and knit. And by gum, I did too!

Over the last few days I’ve begun the mammoth task of uploading some of the stock to the Etsy and Folksy shops.  At the moment it’s mainly these little guys:

Sock Needle Snug

and a few of these:

Foldout Needle Envelope

And what are those, I hear you ask? (Faintly. In a we’re all on the internet kind of fashion.) Well, for those of you we didn’t get to meet at Knit Nation, let me explain. *rubs demonstrative hands together and cracks knuckles*

First up is the Sock Needle Snug.  These are really cool, if like me you are constantly losing your DPNs. (Double pointed needles, for you non-knitterly folks.)

Happy sock needles

They have 5 little invisible pockets inside so you can fit an awful lot of needles in there. And they close up neatly with a little bit of velcro, ready to pop in your bag.


We haven’t had these up in the shop before, we were keeping them under wraps in the lead up to Knit Nation.

The other item I’ve been adding to the shops this week is the Foldout Knitting Needle Envelope. I know, it’s not the most spine-tingling of names, but it does what it says on the label. Viz:

Fully folded



These little beauties foldout from a little neat parcel to reveal double pockets and knitting needle storage galore.

You can fit a bunch of needles in these and they still fold away neatly and tidily, ready to stash in your bag.

I use mine when I go on holidays (I have the prototype, I love it.) so I can take the needles I _might_ need without taking up too much space in my bag.

That way I can stuff more yarn and unread pattern leaflets in there. Sigh.

That’s what’s up for now. Uncle Dotty (Scott, to those of us who aren’t aged 2) has borrowed my camera to take pictures of roads for his day job, but when I get it back I shall start sticking up some of the plethora of gorgeous bags and needle rolls we have.

Think of it as a taster for the IKnit Weekender on the 10th and 11th of September (See what I did there? Smoooth.) And if you can’t make it to that, we’ll also be at the upcoming, brand spanking new and very shiny looking Fibre Flurry up in Birmingham. It’ll be our first ever event outside of London and we’re ENORMOUSLY excited about it.

Right, I’ve faffed at the computer for long enough, the eldest sprog has been poking me and pestering me for about an hour now and I’ve put her off as much as I can. It’s time to go read some Pirate Stories and re-commence the relaxation. Or something.



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