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Stitch Markers in Use August 18, 2010

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Hello Internet,

Just a very quick update on what I have been up to, firstly, I have changed the web page of The Bothered Owl and was looking for comments on what people thought. It is not yet finished but would love opinions on whether they like the direction that it is heading. There is plans to buy better website software in the future especially if we decide to put shop facilities on the page.

Secondly I have uploaded all of the Knit Nation photos that we took to The Bothered Owl’s Facebook page, so if you recognise yourself, please feel free to tag yourself in the photo. Also if you are not already a fan then please become one.

Finally, I just wanted to upload a photo of our Lego Stitch Markers in use, if anyone has any photos of our products in use please feel free to email them to us at as we would love to see other people enjoying what we have made.



3 Responses to “Stitch Markers in Use”

  1. iBecks Says:

    That’s my photo of my lovely Lego stitch markers. I have two more and they’re currently marking the raglan decrease stitches on a Coraline cardigan. I especially love the smiley lady who turns to frowning lady if I’ve screwed up somewhere in the pattern!

  2. Noreen Says:

    My set of Lego-head stitch markers just arrived. Yipes…they are so cute! Thanks so much, including for your shop’s quick service.

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