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Ahem August 28, 2010

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Not to completely upstage Alex’s AMAZING fabric  (you have no idea how much I was gibbering when I saw the photos she posted. I cannot wait to get my paws on it and turn it into Stuff.) but I am finally allowed to share with you the reason why I’ve been completely absent from here and totally unmotivated to do any sewing since we finished Knit Nation.

Ten and a half weeks, to be fairly precise. We thought I was twelve weeks but when we went for our first scan they said I’m about two weeks behind my dates.

Morning sickness is clearing up, thank heavens. I spent quite a bit of Knit Nation trying not to heave, Alex and Scott were fantastic about making me take plenty of breaks and generally let me take things a bit easier than I’d normally do.  I felt a wee bit guilty but then just felt sick instead so the guiltiness soon passed.

We told Jake’s parents and his grandmother today so now I feel totally justified in blurting it out all over the place.

Consider yourselves informed. I’m off to put grumpy Esme to bed and attempt to knit new heels onto my favourite socks. If successful I may try and do a tute of sorts.



8 Responses to “Ahem”

  1. Gina Says:


  2. Wow !!!!! Congrats Sarah. That’s fantastic news …..

    Is this the reason why you couldn’t attend the cookie decorating workshop due to a hospital visit ? I didn’t want to pry but now I know its GREAT ?

    Have you told the girls yet ? I bet they are thrilled.

    Congrats to you, Jake and the girls Xx

    • Yup. Although it wasn’t a scheduled hospital visit. I had a bit of a scare with a suspected ectopic but it was all good in the end. It’s just unfortunately, I didn’t get to leave the hospital until about half an hour before the workshop was due to start and I was pretty shaken up.
      But I’m almost at the point where I can relax into things and feel a bit more secure.
      The girls have known since I first found out, there was no one else home and I couldn’t NOT tell any one! They’re pretty darn excited. All the chat at the moment is about babies and booby. They’ve both gotten their baby dolls out and have been playing with them constantly. It’s really interesting to watch how their responses to the idea of a new baby are expressed through how they play!
      You going to be at the next Misty Moon?

  3. Yes I am at the next Misty Moon – Will see you there !

    No problem, I will keep you updated with any other workshops – in fact I have some very exciting things planned for Oct onwards for adults and children – cupcake decorating, chocolate making, cookies.

    Now your eating for two you can stuff your face to our hearts content : )

    Its an exciting but scary time (being pregnant) so just take things in your stride, don’t overwork yourself and just enjoy every moment. Its fantastic the girls are ‘playing baby games’ already – when the baby starts kicking that’s when the real fun will start blowing raspberries on your belly and feeling the babies kicks.

  4. I can’t wait till it starts kicking. I love that stage! Orlaith remembers a bit from when I had Esme, she remembers talking to Esme and seeing my tummy wriggle. They both love to talk to my tummy – I have to do a stupid voice and pretend to be the Baby!

    The cupcake decorating workshop sounds good 🙂 Mmmm. Not that I need any more incentive to eat/make cupcakes…

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