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Custom order for Nicole September 3, 2010

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Our friend Nicole (AKA Mee-colly, AKA Toll-ee) got in touch recently to ask if I could make a bag for some friends of hers who are having a bub.  She chose the fabric and I played around with designs and this is what I came up with.

(Apologies in advance if the photos are a bit rubbish, I cannot get Picasa to work on my desktop. I miss my laptop.  It had an operating system that wasn’t designed in the  Stone Age and it could actually do stuff like process photos and connect to the internet without having a massive crisis.)

First of all, this bag is big.

I started out with a rectangle 14 inches high by 20 inches wide. Even allowing for a fairly chunky seam allowance, this is a bag that can fit a tonne of stuff in it.  Newborns don’t travel light, especially newborns who also happen to be the eldest child. I wanted something that could fit a million singlets, jumpsuits, nappies, hats, bootees/socks, mittens…

Secondly I wanted this bag to have an adjustable strap and have a fairly neutral outside, making it a bit more Dad friendly. I know, I know, terribly gender stereotyped but let’s be honest, a lot of guys just wouldn’t feel comfortable wandering around with a baby and a nappy bag covered in cute wee hedgehogs.

This way, you can change the length of the strap soMum or  Dad can use it without being uncomfy and your hedgehog fascination is a little more discrete. The strap is finished off with brass sliders which I think look really nice. I like that the metal isn’t too shiny.

Other things this bag has: a massive pocket on the front, complete with flap.

Ideal for keeping your stuff separate from the baby’s so you don’t have to go rooting through everything to find your house keys or your wallet.

I used buttons instead of magnetic clips because I thought the buttons were cuter. I even managed to find some wee hedgehog buttons to match the fabric.

I handstitched the buttonholes (in part because the buttonhole function on my machine doesn’t work, in part because I actually quite like the handmade feel it gives the bag.)

I’m really pleased with how this has turned out, I hope Nic’s friends will love it and get loads of use out of it.  I love those hedgehogs 🙂



9 Responses to “Custom order for Nicole”

  1. Trish Says:

    Found your website a while ago via Miss Nicole, and have enjoyed watching it grow. Love this bag – wish i’d had it a year ago!


    • Thanks, Trish! It’s been an amazing year, we’ve had fun watching it grow too!
      I guess you must know who the bag is for then?
      I wish I’d been making bags when I had Orlaith – I’ve gone through so many rubbish bags trying to find a decent option. They’re never big enough and they’re always so expensive. I looked at some Cath Kidston ones ages ago and they were lovely, but oh my, the price tag!

  2. Kirsty Says:

    Ooooh Sarah & Alex, can you give me a price on something similar please (can I have ladybug fabric on the inside????) as I could really do with a new baby bag for part 3…

    • Are you going for round 3 too? HAha! Are we due at the same time this time? That’s hilarious 🙂 Congratulations! I believe I do in fact have some rather lovely ladybird fabirc in my stash cupboard. I’ll have a think about costings and email you later today?

  3. Nicole Says:

    So freakin’ great 😀 THANK YOU!!

  4. mrtopp Says:

    We received it today!

    I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet — I only know of it by phone call — but initial telephonic descriptions are excellent!

  5. Karen Says:

    Hey Sarah (and Nicole),

    Yes, we received it this morning and it is *awesome*. I love that it’s so big, and it’s a great choice of print on the inside. Out of all the stuff we got from friends and family, a nappy bag was one thing missing, and coincidentally I was thinking this morning when I woke up that we needed to get one pronto. Bull’s eye!




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