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Sketchy September 11, 2010

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I know Alex will most likely do her own post – she had her camera with her and I know she and Scott were documenting heaps of this weekend as we went – but I just wanted to pop in and record a few details before they vanish into the haze of yarn fumes, achey feet and general exhausted happiness.

Setup on Thursday night went well – as Scott as already said. We were delighted with our pitch and it was fun putting up our newly acquired hat stand and arranging the bucket bags and totes thereon. I’ve been looking for a better way to display the bigger bags for a very long time and it seemed to work well. Filling the shelves and watching Alex and Scott artistically arranging Lego in wee dishes was really good fun.

The rest of the show is a blur of happy knitterly/crocheterish faces wandering past and people asking to buy our shinies. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I know Alex (and Scott too) will have so much to say – and show. So a few highlights for me, bullet point style:

  • chatting with all the other lovely vendors, especially Ann who was right next to us with her beautiful designs.
  • getting to properly meet Ruth from Woolly Wormhead – and sell her a bag. I think I may have made her blush because I was so pleased she bought a bag from us! Sorry, Ruth!
  • meeting the completely delightful Fluffspangle. Your response to the Lego absolutely made my weekend. (Oh my GOD! It’s made of pure AWESOME.)
  • Seeing so many wonderfully familiar faces from Knit Nation.
  • Amy coming by to pick up her dancing skellington bag – and then seeing her wandering around this morning with it over her shoulder! (Happy birthday, BTW)
  • Getting to have a chat with Jeni from Fyberspates that didn’t just involve me fangirl drooling over the yarn. Yes, I still bought some yarn. I just didn’t behave as if someone had removed 90% of my braincells. Oh, yarn fumes.
  • Having a chance to chat with Claire from P/Hop about nerdy things and biology.
  • Meeting Jen from South London properly. Sorry about the Godzilla fabric
  • Meeting Jon from Easy Knits and his friend Marlene.
  • Chatting with Elizabeth who brought her fabulous knitted glove puppets to show us. I think they are going to take the crafting world by storm because they are just totally awesome. Knitted vampires with red satin-lined capes? yes please!
  • Going out for a drink on Friday night with some of the other stallholders. It’s the first time I’ve been out to the pub as a grown up since before Esme was born. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.
  • Sandykins winning one of our yarn pouches in the P/Hop raffle, after she’d justb ought a bucket bag!
  • Seeing our lovely Knit Nation raffle prize winner, Kate, again. She had her kokeshi doll pouch with her and had been freaking out Japanese tourists with the fabric!
  • All the amazing knitters and crocheters who stopped, showed me their yarn or patterns they’d bought and were just generally so friendly, warm and lovely. You’re a wonderful bunch. You make our ‘job’ so much fun.

There were so many wonderful moments this weekend and it’s all starting to merge into one big fog of tiredness.

But the one thing that made me happiest this weekend (apart from coming home with not one single yarn pouch left. Oh my God! More on that anon…) was seeing so many people we’d seen before, coming back to chat to us again, telling us about their latest projects, saying hi to us like we were old friends, being excited to come and catch up with us, showing us what they bought or just wandering by and waving to us. And having repeat customers. That was a lovely, lovely feeling. More and more I begin to feel like a proper part of the knitter community and it’s so nice! It was great to see you all and if you were someone we were meeting for the first time, lovely to meet you, I hope we’ll see you again! We genuinely love to see your projects, hear your stories and see you enjoying yourselves so much.

Anyway, that’s my quick impression of the last couple of days. Sorry there’s no photos and I got a little wordy here and there. We had a blast, we can’t wait for the next one, bring it on! Thanks so much to everyone who made it all happen.

And now I shall proceed to fall in a heap on the sofa and not move for a while.



6 Responses to “Sketchy”

  1. Lix Says:

    The soundbite about Lego stitchmarkers being the next big thing is on episode 20 of my podcast too! Plus a link to your shop of course.

    • Hee hee! I was going to put something about Alex strongarming me into being the Voice of the Owl 🙂
      Thanks for the link – I will sit and listen to the podcast when I have a quiet minute!

  2. Amy Says:

    Omg i totally got a mention in your post. *squee* And my bag is awesome, btw. Loooove it!

  3. Hello there !

    Just thought I would share I have just returned from an evening sewing workshop (hand sewing) have tried to dabble with sewing machines several times and failed miserably each and every time.

    It was fantastic – I just need to practice. I dream of being able to make little felt gingerbread men for our Christmas tree this year and possibly make a sock monkey each for the children. As I told you I have been admiring your blog many months before I started to make comments. What you guys do is amazing.

    Don’t think I will ever be a sewing machine queen but I could follow a dinky little iron on embroidery pattern. : )

    • Aww! Thanks 🙂 I couldn’t ever do what you do either. I don’t have the patience or the ability to make icing do the amazing things you do!

      With regard to the sewing, it is totally about practice. It’s one of the things that I love about sewing and knitting, there is some skill involved but a lot of that skill is a learned thing. You do get people (like some of the incredible designers out there) who have an innate talent and flair for it. That, you cannot learn. But the basic mechanics of sewing by hand or knitting a sock or even putting in a zipper to make an a-line skirt? With the right teacher, a lot of patience and some practice, you can totally learn to do it.

      Good luck with making the Christmas decorations! I’d love to see pictures of what you make and how it all turns out!
      And thanks for reading the blog 🙂

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