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Custom Orders STAT! September 17, 2010

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Just in case I haven’t said it enough on this blog: I LOOOOOVE doing custom orders. It’s pretty much my favourite thing of all. Whatever I’m making,  I don’t really care, it’s the process of finding the right fabric and seeing what people choose. And then getting the feedback at the end, when people are pleased with what they get. (Oh my enormous swollen ego-ridden head. You could never tell that I suffer from chronic low self-esteem, could you?)

Anyway, this week I have had an onslaught of custom orders, a couple for people we met at IKnit and one for the lovely Gail of Addicted2Knitting. (I also have one outstanding one for the delightful Jon from Easy Knits but I have to source some very particular fabric for that one. Was very happy to meet a fellow nerd and even happier to make him a needle roll. Yay!)

Soo, let’s begin the obligatory photo-fest shall we?

First cab off the rank, so to speak, is Gail. She spotted and put dibs on the gorgeous mermaid fabric that Alex picked up back in in Australia, And I don’t blame her. The fabric looked beautiful in the photo but when you see it in person, those mermaids are just so delightfully sweet. There’s an innocence and a joy to the fabric which you don’t get from Disneyfied versions of the same thing.

Anyway, Gail got in touch to ask if we could make some of the larger size knitting pouches for use as washbags for her daughter, Stephanie, as Stephanie loves mermaids.

Of course we could and here’s what we came up with! As with all our bags, these are reversible. We thought that the little pockets would make good places to store a toothbrush or soap. And we really went to town on the linings. Why have just one pretty jewel colour when you have a choice of three!

Sweet little faces & really intense colour

We popped those in the post yesterday and I was so happy to hear from Gail earlier to say they’d arrived safe and sound.

Side note: I always love it when people let me know that their items have arrived, I fret a bit until I know they’ve been delivered. I think because you put a little piece of yourself into the things you make, and also because people have paid you for an item, you want to know that it has actually been received. So far, touch wood, we’ve only ever had one order go astray, but it was a Christmas present for their Mum and I’ve never quite gotten over the horrible sinking feeling that (although it was something that was not my fault) it may have spoilt their Christmas a little bit.

Next up the two orders completed from IKnit. A needle roll for Lyn and a yarn pouch for Maggie.

The yarn pouch first, I think, as the fabric is super cute and it leaves me with plenty of room at the end to blether about the needle roll, which was much more fiddly!

Maggie fell in love with the foldout needle case we had on display. It was made of pale blue fabric, featuring teeny tiny sheepies all over it. She really wanted a bag. Unfortunately we’d literally just sold our very last sheepy bag to a lovely lady – who also bought two other bags, again because she fell in love with the fabric. So we offered to make her one.

Here it is:

It’s the smaller size pouch, currently known as the Sock Yarn Pouch. Reversible, as with all our bags, and with a lovely useful pocket on the inside for all your bits and bobs.

And finally, Lyn’s needle roll.

I was away from the stall when Lyn placed her order, but she had apparently spotted one of our bags, made with a lovely red and yellow snail and turtle fabric. She was looking for needle storage though.

Once Alex demonstrated just how many needles you can fit into one of our needle rolls (I believe Alex said she managed to get about 6 circular needles into one pocket) Lyn asked if we could make her one with the turtle fabric, but in blue. And no DPN pocket.


Quick search on Ebay and I had the fabric and here’s what Lyn will be receiving in the post, probably tomorrow morning…

I am a big fan of those little turtles, especially the little guy with the stripy shell. I went for a grassy green lining as it felt like a nice, natural colour to go with the pale, sky blue of the turtle/snail fabric.

The needle roll is slightly different to the ones we have on sale at the moment. Rather than having eight circular needle pockets and a DPN storage section, I’ve put circular needles pockets right the way across.

This is something we’re considering changing on the needle rolls as a standard thing. What do you guys reckon? Anyone desperately love a DPN pocket? Or do you think the needle rolls and envelopes would be far more useful if they were all circular needle sized pockets? Genuinely curious here. We love feedback, it helps us improve what we make and make it something that is actually useful to you guys. Hopefully!

Anyway. All this loveliness has been posted this week, along with some brand new and very exciting lace stitch markers that Alex has been working on. She very cleverly put out the call for test knitters on Twitter the other night and was rather blown away with how many reponses she got and how quickly they came in! She is very modest 🙂

So, test markers, start your needles, your shiny new lace markers will be with you soon. We’re very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts and so forth.

And on that exciting note, I must scarper as I’ve just looked at the clock and realised it’s almost 7pm and I’ve frittered the last two hours away, writing this blog post and faffing about on Ravelry. My poor neglected offspring and husband will have no dinner if I do not get off my bum!



2 Responses to “Custom Orders STAT!”

  1. gail peters Says:

    Love, love, love the mermaid wash bags you made for stephanie. So well made and great attention to detail. xxxxx

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