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Ch ch ch ch ch changes September 21, 2010

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(Okay, okay, it’s a cheesy title. But appropriate.)

We had a very productive sit down this evening in the Alex and Scott part of Owl HQ. It’s something we’ve been meaning to do for a while, there’ s so much stuff to cover when you’re running your own business for the first time and we’ve been a bit hit and miss in terms of doing some of the stuff they recommend, like writing a proper business plan! We’ve discussed what we want from the business and we know how we want to achieve it, we just haven’t taken the time to sit down and write it all down.

And my goodness there was a lot to cover.

Over the next twelve months you will be seeing a lot of changes around here. We have so many plans for ways we can make the business stronger and better and we have an impending arrival and an impending departure.

Yes, a departure.

I can reveal that Alex and Scott are planning to leave these … ahem…  sunny isles to return to the lands from whence the three of us came. Probably towards the end of next year. Job prospects and a general desire to spend time with parents and begin to settle down and really build a stable life are the key factors in their decision. And after a while, you get homesick for the place you come from and it’s just time to head home.

But do not fear, one of the reasons we had our chat this evening is so that we can begin to put in place the structures we need to be able to carry on the Bothered Owl, even when the three of us are torn asunder! Being web-based is a huge advantage under these circumstances. Most of what we do now, we’ll continue to do, it’s just that a large proportion of our stuff will be based in Australia rather than the UK.

And of course, come March/APril time there will be a shiny new owlette to share with you all. It was good this evening to be able to start to make plans for how we work around the impending sprog, as I’d be heartbroken to have to walk away from what we’ve built. We’ve really slogged our guts out and put heart and soul into what we’ve started and I am so pleased to be able to say I will get to continue to be a part of it.

I will be more behind the scenes in the future, probably taking more responsibility for this blog again and so forth. Taking photos at shows, doing interviews and so on, so that even if I’m not stood behind the stall for the whole day, I can still be a part of things. And I’ll hopefully be able to keep sewing, at least on a Saturday or something. It will be hard but we’ll find ways around it all. I’ll miss being on the stall but there will be new challenges and a whole new side of the business to open up.

There are so many other things to tell you about but suffice to say a lot of the time this evening was spent discussing stock for upcoming markets (I’m looking at you, Fibre Flurry!) including the holly wreathed behemoth that is Christmas. Working out things like advertising, whether we want to start checking out some of the bigger markets around SE London with an eye to exhibiting on a more regular basis, looking at potential venues for our stuff in the UK but also in the US and Australia. We want to get our wares out there and show more people what we can do.

I’m losing track of all the plans and suggestions that were flying around, so it’s lucky that our wonder stenographer, Scott, was on hand with his trusty laptop, typing things up as we went. We’ve all got homework and hopefully some exciting stuff will come out of this evening.

Over the next couple of weeks this is going to be quite an interactive space as we’re working on a customer survey/feedback thingamajig which we’d love loads of you to participate in. There will also be at least one competition coming up and a bunch of info on upcoming events.

Aaaand that’s about it. Watch this space, it’s going to be a bumpy but really exciting ride over the next twelve to eighteen months and we really hope you’ll cling on tight!


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