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Choices, choices, choices September 29, 2010

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As Alex said in our last post, teh Bothered Owl will be at Fibre Flurry in all our feathery glory. Well, in Alex and Scott’s feathery glory anyway. I am rather sad that I can’t make it but travelling to out of town shows with two small owlettes and a bump in tow is not really something I’m planning on attempting this year.

But I am still ENORMOUSLY excited about it for two reasons.

1. It’s our first show outside of London.

2. It’s a brand new event and we get to be exhibitors at the very first one EVER. Awesome sauce.

So I thought I’d show you a little bit of what we’ll have on offer for those of you attending, in terms of the kinds of fabrics were using for the bags this time around. Each show is slightly different and we try to have a wide range of fabric available for ogling.

Here’s some of what I have cut up at the moment and some of what’s waiting in the cupboard of doom.

As always, this is just a taster. I have a veritable cornucopia of fabric hiding away in my cabinet and I almost certainly have something in there that would suit you. Yes, you, over there.

We’ve been re-jigging our yarn pouches since IKnit and Knit Nation, always l0oking to improve and make them that wee bit more useful. So we now have three sizes for your delectation: Sock,  Large and Giant.  Not the most imaginative of names – something we’ll rectify at some point- but it does what it says on the etcetera.

Have some examples, with vital statistics!

Sock Yarn Pouch: 7" wide by 9" high by 3" deep

Large Yarn Pouch: 7.5 - 8" wide, 11" high, 3" deep

Giant Yarn Pouch: 9" wide by 14" high by 3.5" deep

Incidentally, in the interests of honesty and giving praise where it is due, the above Giant yarn pouch is not my work, but Alex’s. I am really proud of her, she came over the other day and she got stuck in. I only had to help her out twice and she did everything else by herself, from memory. I reckon by the time she heads back to Aus, we’ll have her whipping up fancy creations in the blink of an eye.

We’ve got about 4 weeks left to finish up our preparations, so now’s the time to let me know if there is something particular you want us to have on the stall. I am very happy to do custom orders (just have a flick through some of our recent posts and you will see I can’t shut up about them!) and pre-orders are very welcome.

We’ll also have our usual array of needle storage options, from envelopes/needle snugs through to needle rolls and I can usually tweak my designs to accommodate your needs. (Any kinky comments will be ignored.) E.g. if you don’t use DPNs, I’ll leave out the DPN pocket. If you want a needle roll specifically for straight needles etc, that can be done.

Right. Enough blathering from me. I am off to relax for an hour or so before bed, I might even get a few rows of knitting on my new winter hat done, who knows! Tomorrow, I sew like a mad thing. I promise, Alex, I will…



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