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Cultural Exchange October 4, 2010

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Soo with Alex and Scott heading back to Australia next year, we’re busy doing a big knowledge swap at the moment. I’ve been teaching Alex to sew – and she’s showing annoying amounts of proficiency already!

And she’s been helping me overcome my aversion to twisting wires.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made stitch markers before, it is in fact how we got started, long before the Bothered Owl burst into existence in all its feathered finery. We made a whole bunch of cute beaded stitch markers which we sold to IKnit. And then we promptly got distracted by other stuff, like writing a thesis and giving birth to a second child.

But I’m pretty rusty at it and I’d convinced myself that I was never going to be as good at it as Alex, so why even try? *sniff, sniff, sob, sob, insert whiny teen angst here*

But with Alex leaving next year, the Owl, in whatever incarnation it remains, needs shiny stitch markers. So after dropping Esme and Orlaith at preschool on Friday (Esme’s FIRST DAY of preschool!) I dutifully popped round to Alex’s and let her remind me of The Way of The Pliers.

She’s a good teacher and she soon had me twisting and wrapping away with glee.

Here’s some of what I made:

These ones are the only ones I got photos of, for some reason. I finished a whole bunch, including some enormously cute ladybirds. But I am super proud of these little owlies because they were the first ones I’ve done in about 3 years and I think I did a good job. None of the photos of them all finished turned out, unfortunately, but take my word for it, they were CUTE!

So now I just have to practise and not let my re-discovered skills atrophy. I’m thinking about weird and off-beat beads, perferably ones that mesh well with the kinds of fabrics I use in the bags and pouches. I already found some super cool sugar skulls and some tiny wooden cars…

Now I have something apart from fabric and bag shapes to daydream about and obsess over. Not that I needed a new outlet…

Oh dear.



2 Responses to “Cultural Exchange”

  1. AJ Says:

    The Bothered Ow will just have to go multinational!

    • Does that mean I have to wear a suit? Because unless it’s a suit involving feathers and some kind of beak, I am totally not in. Or maybe a cape. I could go for a suit with a cape of some kind. Perhaps NOT in lycra though…

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