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Custom Order for Abby October 5, 2010

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Just finished this this evening. I hope Abby won’t mind me posting pics here but I am rather excited about this bag and I just had to share!

Abby needed a nappy bag that doesn’t look like a nappy bag, a sort of Manly Nappy Bag.  She and her husband picked some lovely owly fabric for the interior and a deep rich brown cord for the exterior. I hunted through my button stash and found some of these gorgeous owl buttons. I heartily recommend Textile Garden BTW, they are awesome. Unless you have a button addiction, in which case don’t click the link or you may need a 12 step programme!

Here’s a few pictures of how it all turned out.

The strap is polypropylene webbing. I thought green would look nice and earthy with the brown tones of the bag.

And there you have it! I really really hope Abby and family will love it and it will make their nappy carrying a lot easier. Added bonus with using a messenger bag rather than something which screams “NAPPY BAG” is that when you’re done carrying nappies, you can use it as an ordinary bag again. Plus it’s got room for all your stuff as well as the small one’s.

This last few days has been all about the custom orders. It’s been amazing! Had a couple of custom orders last week, including one from a lady I met at I Knit, who needed a yarn pouch in a very specific fabric for a knitting swap. I hope she and her swap partner will love it!

I’ve gotten 2 new custom orders today, one for a sock yarn pouch (Hi Trish!) and a very exciting challenge from Katherine, on which more later. And I have a super exciting order for the very lovely Jon from Easy Knits, for whom I am making an awesome STAR WARS bag and needle roll.  I’ve had to order some extra webbing and things for it, so hopefully that will get here in the next day or so and I can put the finishing touches to it. I can’t wait to see his happy face when we give it to him! Best part of this job by far!

Anyway, now I’ve shared and I really really need to go to sleep. Hadn’t quite registered the time. It’s all the excitement you know!



2 Responses to “Custom Order for Abby”

  1. Abby Says:

    I can’t wait to put it to good use! I love it!!!

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