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A very special bag October 8, 2010

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I am a geek.

I love science fiction. I am obsessed with The Lord of The Rings (NOT the films, before you ask.) I read comics voraciously and before I met my husband I learned to code a little (really badly) and even flirted with … Dungeons and Dragons. (Which is awesome fun by the way,  and if I could find a good lady friendly gaming group I’d be quite happy to give it another shot. Don’t hate me.)

But all my geekiness pales in comparison with that of the very lovely Jon of Easy Knits. I met him at the IKnit Weekender and agreed to make him a needle roll. The only stipulation was that it had to be geeky fabric.  Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, whatever I could find.

Weirdly it is very hard to find proper geek friendly fabric out there. UK Knitters will probably be familiar with the copyright saga attached to DW (handknitted  adipose dolls, anyone?) so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to find there is nothing about connected with that. But Star Trek? The only thing I could find was some utterly hideous stretch jersey fabric dyed in Star Trek colours. And Jon hadn’t asked me to make him a uniform.

And then I remembered that Scott had bought some vintage Star Wars fabric, ages ago, when we were preparing for another show. I dug it out, took some photos and sent them to Jon, who proceeded to have the most incredible geek-gasm ever witnessed. It turned out that the fabric in question was identical to his childhood Star Wars bedspread. How awesome a coincidence is that!

Anyway, he asked if we could use every scrap of the fabric and make him, in his words, ‘a proper man-bag’. He knew exactly what he wanted, down to the lining and the type of pocket, which made designing this bag a breeze.

It’s taken me a while, as I had to wait for a few bits and pieces and then figure out how to make the lining fabric stiff enough, but it’s done. Here is the result:

Still got one piece of the fabric left but it’s earmarked for a matching needle roll for Jon.



4 Responses to “A very special bag”

  1. Amy Says:

    OMG I will game with you. D&D rocks. Though I like World of Darkness better. I miss my weekly gaming group from back in Seattle.

  2. Tracie Says:

    I think you may have started something there with Jon’s bag. My other half has just seen it and is a massive Star Wars geek and wants one! Looks fantastic 🙂

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