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In Which Sarah Makes A Journey, North of the River October 8, 2010

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Good golly I am tired. Had an absolutely fantastic day at Ally Pall though. First time I’ve ever gone and not bought any yarn. But then, I more than made up for it by buying a shedload of amazing fabric and I also bought myself a Very Special Present. Consequently, I may not be allowed to buy any yarn for a verrrry long time. More on that anon.

Although my day may not have contained any yarn buying, it did begin with collecting some yarn I purchased from Jon of Easyknits the other night. Alex happened to bump into him at Ally Pally yesterday and acted as my woolly courier to bring me two skeins of his brand new sparkly yarn. I got one called Storm Cloud and one called Witches’ Brew.

Which last skein I proceeded to attempt to wind into a yarn cake on the train, thus freaking out my non-knitterly carriage companions.

Soooo shiny. See the little tiny twinkly bits of silver?

Proof that I am a knitting dork. If you could only see the horrified looks of my fellow travellers!

Sorry about that folks.  (Of course, I am not REALLY sorry and have every intention of doing it again. Soon. And often.)

Pleasant enough train journey into Ally Pally Station, getting excited when I saw this looming over the trees:

As behemoths go, it's rather a lovely one.

I was feeling brave and in need of some exercise so I struggled up the hill. By the time I was halfway up my 4 month pregnant body was beginning to complain that there was a perfectly serviceable bus route but I ignored it and soldiered on, with this greeting me at the very top of the hill:

Such a beautiful building and the grounds are completely amazing.

There are days when I really loathe living in London and wish I could run away back to somewhere more rural. But days when you get to look out from the top of that hill and see this:

Ghostly skyscrapers lurking in the distance.

Those days I remember why I like living here. A bit.

Anyway. Totally knackered, crawled inside the building and saw this:


I think this was called Sewing Revolution? It was very cool. Encouraging members of the public to sit and sew and chat. Lovely!

Then a lovely lady sold me her friend’s ticket, as her friend couldn’t make it. Awesome because I didn’t have to join the line and I could just wander in. So thankyou very much, kind fellow stitcher, from a tired sweaty lady who didn’t have to stand in line for ages. Very grateful!

And when I wandered through the entrance hall I spotted the Morsbag stall:


I’ve seen these guys at other shows, they get people to sit and make and decorate their own bags, to encourage people to bring their own rather than using plastic. ANd to foster sewing skills and get poeple chatting and so on. Good stuff.

They had a wall of people’s creations too:

Wall of people's handmade creations. Fab.

I got a little overwhelmed after that by the rush and push of the show so I didn’t take many more pics.

Things I did do:

  • met the lovely Abby AKA Ponddrop and her Droplet and dropped off her new nappy bag. The Droplet is EXTREMELY cute and spent the whole time attempting to consume her own shoe.
  • popped by the Fleece Station and said howdy to the guys, dropped off some more business cards and generally checked in. Didn’t get bitten by Gerty:

    She can be bought with gin and sweetmeats. As long as those sweetmeats involve pink and yellow icing.

    Or by Gary for that matter. Although he’s got that vicious ‘I’ve been stuck behind this table for TWO DAYS’ look in his eye…

    He's poised and ready for the kill.

  • Wandered around in a bit of a daze. Bought tonnes of fabric. Or indeed tons, depending on which measurement system we’;re using. I cannot remember which spelling is metric and which is imperial. Don’t beat me, it’s been a long day.
  • After buying much fabric I succumbed to the temptation and bought myself these:

    Chocolate? At a knitting show? Oh no, my friends.

    Still not chocolates.

    Told you it wasn't chocolate. They are delicious though. Oh my, yes. And less fattening. Possibly.

I did more stuff, like buy some fabrics from the lovely Black Cactus in London (photos and linkages tomorrow when my brain functions again.) and I bought some lovely picture books from Sarah McIntyre at the Fleece Station. Not for me, for the girls. I can read Big Words already. Without moving my lips. Again, photos another day. Too tired now.

After falling asleep putting the girls to bed with their new picture book treasures, I managed just enough energy in front of the tv this evening to cast on using my newly wound Easy Knits yarn and my new shiny needles and I’ve done the first bit of a Clapotis. I’ve knitted them before and I love the pattern. This time I shall keep this one just for me!

Totally loving the way the stripes are coming out. The purple is lovely and witchy and the bluey green that's just starting to appear is a wonderful contrast! Can't wait to wear it 🙂

In case you’re wondering, I made those stitch markers in that initial batch we did a couple of years ago. I liked the beads too much to try to sell them and they’re my go-to markers. When I’m not using my Lego T-Rex that is.

Anyway, I am going to bed, had planned on being tucked up about an hour ago, as always. Tomorrow morning I sew like the devil, as J is taking the owlettes to their music class. Custom orders a-go-go. But now, I sleep the sleep of the virtuous stitching show attendee.

Don’t forget that the lovely Lauren, Gary and Sarah will be at Ally Pally for the next two days with their wild selection of sheep and not-so-sheep related items and they also have a selection of our needle storage bits and pieces. Rolls, envelopes of various sizes and so forth. Go and pester them and buy some of their stuff. They’re delightful and can be found on Stand RCG11. Just watch out for Gerty.



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