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New Page October 21, 2010

You may notice, up in the right hand corner of your screen there is a new little button that says Fabric Stash.

I’ve been doing so many custom orders of late that we thought it might be a good idea to start actually cataloguing the fabric we have in stock, rather than constantly sending people off to the Fabric Rehab site to choose new stuff. Not that we don’t love Fabric Rehab, but it would be good to use up some of what we actually have in the vaults here at Owl HQ.

Not everything’s up there yet, by a long chalk. We have a seriously ridiculous amount of fabric stowed away. Some of it is already destined for the Chop, Alex ironed on some of the 25 or so metres of interfacing I cut the other day and this afternoon I’ll be slicing and dicing for more bags and bits and pieces for the fabulous Fibre Flurry next week! We’re so very excited about it 🙂

But a small chunk of it is now photographed, and labelled (slightly haphazardly. I’ve tried to list the proper names and designers/manufacturers of each piece but not all of what we have actually has selvedges. So I’ve kind of made up some of the names to match the fabric. Sorry!)

Have a look, if something catches your eye, get in touch! We’re more than happy to do requests. (Sewing requests, obviously. Keep it clean, folks.)

Right, I must dash. I have a ghost to collect from Preschool, posthaste.



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