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This is Halloween… October 31, 2010

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I don’t really do Halloween.

It’s not a tradition where I come from and my family live out of town any way so even if stuff like Trick or Treating had been going on, I wouldn’t have been able to join in as we didn’t really have any neighbours!

But I do have two small children who are all of a sudden registering this idea of Halloween and spookiness, treats and costumes and things that go bump in the night.

And El’s Kitchen, the lovely brand spanking new deli which opened yesterday, was holding their Halloween costume competition. The prize: a haunted gingerbread house. What’s a crafty Mum to do?

Orlaith determined that  a witch costume was de rigeur and as Esme is going through the parrot phase, she wanted to be a witch too. I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in.

We had some eyeball fabric kicking about and a tonne of felt in various colours from past projects so that was the hats sorted but I wasn’t really sure what I could do for the rest of the costume. My suggestion of making them each a new skellington pinafore dress was pooh-poohed by Orlaith who said she wouldn’t wear it because it would look horrible. Sigh.

In the end I went for a very basic elasticated waist skirt in plain black cotton (which we have masses of, lying about) and I appliqued eyeballs on one and some skulls on the other.  I used red cotton to do the edging for the spooky effect.

It was a close run thing and I nearly didn’t finish them after the girls’ antics various this morning. But I gritted my teeth and decided that after the amount of time I’d invested in the costumes already I was damned if I was giving up.

So here’s the finished product and a few photos from the afternoon.

There should be more photos on the El’s Kitchen Facebook page at some point, I believe, if you want to check out the other costumes or actually get a peek at the interior of the deli. I couldn’t really get any photos while we were inside as it was absolutely heaving and I never like taking pictures of other people’s kids.

In case anyone’s wondering, we didn’t win, the prize went to a very cute wee toddler in a pumpkin costume 🙂 I think the judges had a very hard time deciding because all the kids looked so cute and they were all so excited. They were all very gracious in defeat too, although Orlaith did lean into me on the way home and whispered sadly “I DO wish I’d won,  Mum”.  But on the whole they were quite happy stuffing their faces with their cupcakes!

And now, after all my hard work I am off to attempt the unthinkable: a nap on the sofa without the kids beating me awake.

I believe Alex and Scott will be returning home shortly from their foray to the midlands for the fabulous (hopefully inaugural) Fibre Flurry. From all accounts over on Ravelry, it seems to have been a screaming success, so here’s hoping there’s another one next year! I suspect they will have bloggage for you, so keep your eyes peeled, eh.




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