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Custom Order for Katherine November 2, 2010

Filed under: Custom Orders — thebotheredowl @ 9:34 pm

Katherine got in touch a while ago to ask us if we would have a crack at making her Dream Notion Pouch. I do love a challenge, so I agreed!

It’s always great to work with a customer who knows what they want and Katherine was able to be clear, precise and even give me a neat little line drawing explaining what she was after.

|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                   |               |    |
|                   |               |    |
|_ ________|_______ |__|
One big pocket in the back, 3 smaller pockets in the front with a  fastening in the front

It made it so much easier to make up her item. It took me a little while longer than usual to make up the pouch due to getting ready for Fibre Flurry but now here it is:

I hope she’ll like it and that it matches up to what she imagined 🙂


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