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Fibre Flurry 2010 – The Afterglow November 3, 2010

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Fibre Flurry in Birmingham was the first show that we had taken The Bothered Owl to outside of London and we were very excited to be going as there was a really exciting buzz about the event.

Unfortunately Sarah wasn’t able to make the trip but as previously blogged she was able to attend the opening of El’s Kitchen which is a new deli that has opened in our local high street. Yum!

We (Alex and Scott) travelled by train to Birmingham on the Friday where we checked in to the Woodbrooke Study Centre in Selly Oak which Mikayla, the organiser of the event had organised a discount to be able to stay there. Woodbrooke is a Quaker study centre and the former residence of George Cadbury. The Friend in Residence also pointed out that we were staying in the room next door to the one that Gandhi stayed in in the 1930s.

We then made our way over the venue for set up. The venue was a lovely 15th century building called St. Nicholas’s Place and we were shown into the Queen’s Room where our table was. Alex spent a lot of time checking out the building as she absolutely loved the building, and it was a very enchanting place.

We were a little bit nervous when we saw the space as to whether we would be able to fit everything we wanted to outon the table,  but as you will see from the photos we made it work well for us. The lack of space lead us to display the yarn pouches in a different way and this proved to be a big success. The last thing we were going to do was take photos of the stall when we realised that we had left the memory card of the camera sitting next to the computer, so there aren’t as many photos of the event as we would like.

After setting up the stall, we found ourselves a quiet place to have dinner and then headed back to Woodbrooke.

We arrived on Saturday morning and because the venue had wi-fi we decided to set up the computer so that we could accept payment via paypal in case anyone wanted to pay this way and to allow for live tweeting. We were able to borrow a camera from Claire who organises the p/hop stand at events in exchange for letting her do some live tweeting on the laptop as well.

The Saturday was a lovely day. We met so many wonderful people, some for the first time and others who we had already met. We had some people reserve items on Ravelry and on this blog which were all picked up, including a lovely nappy bag that Sarah made for Ruth and which I am sure Sarah will blog about this week. It’s all a bit of a blur because we were so busy but a huge thank you to Mikayla for organising this wonderful event.

Since we didn’t take a working camera there aren’t as many photos as we would like so to see some lovely photos of the event check out Patchworkgandalf’s Photos, Tilib’s Photos and also Sarah from Brownberry Yarns blog because if you look closely at the last photo Julie is wearing one of our Lego Flower Bracelets.

We also came home with a few items for ourselves as well, these are some very lovely shinies and Alex is super excited about having some Scrumptious yarn and knows exactly what she wants to make with it ( a clapotis).

Alex and I decided to make a weekend of it and on Sunday we walked the short distance from Woodbrooke to Cadbury World. We had booked this in advance as we had decided early on that we did not want to do anything to cultural and this looked like it could be a real laugh. On our way to Cadbury World we walked through a lovely park. The leaves on the trees were beautiful colours, and there was a model and power boat club who were remote controlling these lovely model boats on a lake. It looked a very peaceful way to spend a Sunday morning.

Now it is time to start preparing for Christmas!


2 Responses to “Fibre Flurry 2010 – The Afterglow”

  1. Hi, I reserved a sheep bag and lavender sachet, I also purchased one of the halloween special bags for my friend, we both love our bags, the size is perfect and I love the little inside pocket.

    Just wanted to say thank you

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