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Clapo-what? November 4, 2010

Filed under: General Crafty Chat — thebotheredowl @ 8:31 pm

Odds are if you’re a knitter and you read Knitty or are on Ravelry (what are the odds, eh?) then you know exactly which lovely, ubiquitous pattern I’m referring to.

Yes, indeed it’s the Clapotis by Kate Gilbert, an absolutely gorgeous free pattern from the wonderful Knitty. (What did we all do before Knitty was invented to crash servers and make us all drool on our keyboards?) I have no idea of the correct pronunciation, there are enormously long threads of discussion devoted to the topic on Ravelry and it doesn’t interest me to debate it here.

What I want to do is show off a little and pimp the gorgeous yarn dyed by the lovely Jon of Easy Knits.

Check it out:

The yarn is called Twinkle and Jon’s been selling it like it’s going out of style. My clapotis is about halfway done and I’m completely loving it. I’ve made a few of these before as gifts but this one is just for me.

Jon will also be one of the lovely dyers coming along to our Christmas Yarn Party (hint, hint) .


Right, I am meant to be reading the kids a story and putting them to bed right now. Better stop being a neglectful modern parent and go get on that. So I can get on with being a selfish 21st Century grown up once they’re asleep ;-P


2 Responses to “Clapo-what?”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    The problem with the pronunciation guide Kate Gilbert included with the pattern is that it’s in American English. So I can tell you how folks with *my* accent should pronounce it, but I can’t tell you how folks with Aliyah’s accent (Caribbean Queen’s English) or your accent or Jake’s accent should say it. Because then things just get muddled completely.

    • The Bothered Owl Says:

      Heh. Yep.
      In my head, when I first saw the pattern I would have pronounced it clap-OH-tisss. But then, I keep reading things suggesting that it’s intended to be pronounced in a more Francophone way – clapo-tea.
      And then once you start throwing in dialectics, it all gets a little brain ‘splodey 🙂
      But that said, it’s a lovely pattern and perfect for brain switched off tv knitting while trying to unwind. And Jon’s yarn is amazingly lovely to knit with. So, once I clean up my splattery brains (and make sure they’re not all over the yarn) it’s alllll good!

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