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Fantastic week November 6, 2010

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It really has just been the most amazing week.

Monday, I got to sit down with Alex and catch up on the aftermath of Fibre Flurry. You guys, you’re amazing! I cannot believe how many of you took home our bags or stitch markers. I almost cried when I saw how few we had left! (Yeah, I am a wuss. Shut up!)

On Tuesday I went for my 20 week scan and everything’s progressing nicely. The owlettes were very excited to be spying on their new sibling “on the hospital TV”. Sadly, I don’t have a photo to share as the technician didn’t ask us and we didn’t get a chance to hassle him about it. He did however take the time to ask me at least three times whether I wanted to know what I was having. To which I replied, ‘a baby?’ I don’t really want to find out the gender, I didn’t for either of the existing owlettes and they came out healthy and safe. Don’t want to mess with the formula.

Friday morning is my ‘time off’ when both the kids are at pre-school, so Alex and I went down to Oscar’s in Ladywell and drank tea, ate cake (Mmm, carrot cake!) and had a good planning session.

We’ve got quite a lot of stuff coming up in the next month or so, not least the Christmas Party. We’ve got a few Christmas markets and in about three weeks we’re doing Collector Mania. We’ve got a bunch of stuff planned for it, including an exclusive run of messenger bags.  Alex and Scott have been trawling Ebay for awesome new Lego to make into some fab bits and pieces, so if you’re coming along make sure you come and visit our stand.

Apart from Monday, I’ve been to the post office every single day this week with parcels for wonderful customers. I’ve had a few custom pouches and things to send out and we finished off Friday with selling another yarn pouch on Etsy. I didn’t really think anything could top that.

Until this morning.

I had to take our sewing machines into the shop over in Deptford – I cannot recommend them highly enough. The guys who work there are incredibly helpful and do a really great job making sure that you buy the right machine. They don’t try to foist off a more expensive, less appropriate machine on you, if they don’t think it’s the right one for you they will tell you.

Anyway, Alex’s machine was having some tension problems and my machine has been making strange noises since before Knit Nation. I’ve been putting off taking it to get serviced for ages on the grounds that we’ve had fairs galore and custom orders and all the rest and it was easier to just carry on. But no more. With Alex’s machine out of action, we really need to make sure that mine’s okay, just in case.

So I popped in while Jake waited patiently in the car with the owlettes (not so patient about waiting.) The guy looked at Alex’s machine, laughed and promptly re-threaded the bobbin, explaining that we hadn’t caught the thread on the tension arm properly.

Very very embarrassed.

And just as he was laughing at me, Alex phoned.

To tell me that we’d made our HUNDREDTH SALE on Folksy this morning.

I still can’t quite believe it but the number is up there on the stats for our shop so it must be true.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also said she’d noticed that our blog stats had a lot of people coming in from the Simply Knitting website. So she’d gone over there to check why and found that the blog had been reviewed on their website!

I only just got to read the review, but I cannot imagine a nicer way to round off the week. I really can’t. We’re still kind of getting used to people coming up at shows and telling us they read the blog and so on, so it’s an extra layer of weird – but wonderful – to find people reviewing it!

So, there you have it. An utterly fantastic week and what a brilliant finish!




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