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Shop Update November 7, 2010

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Those of you who’ve been paying attention over the last 6 months might have noticed we were in a bit of a frenzy, getting ready for Knit Nation, IKnit Weekender and Fibre Flurry. We worked our wingtips to the bone, making pouches, bags, stitch markers and needle storage bits galore. It’s our first year, we had no idea whatsoever what to expect from 3 such different events, especially when two of them were brand spanking new ventures. So, we may have gone a little bit overboard in our preparations.

Which is all good because it means with our current ongoing updates for the shop, you have a whole heap of things to choose from!

I thought I’d just put in a quick plug for the update I’m currently in the middle of – the sock needle envelopes.

As far as I know we’re the only people who make them. They’re designed specifically to accomodate 15 cm DPNs, mainly because they seem to be the most common size that people use. That works out as 6 inches (and believe me, I am NEVER typing the phrase “15 cm converted to inches” into Google ever again. Good Lord, people!)

I do have some old aluminium needles I bought when I first started knitting again which are much longer, but I never use thembecause I find the sizing is awkward. Reading around on Rav, I keep hearing similar things from other knitters. Hence we went with 15 cm / 6 inches.

You can easily fit a full set of DPNs in each pocket, most of them will actually fit 2 or even 3 sets of needles in each separate pocket. So with one neat little envelope you can store all your sock needles.Or alternatively, you can do what our mate Gary does and use them to store pens. They’ll easily hold sharpies or biros.

Right, plug over. I’m going back to uploading these babies. I’ve got 20 odd listed already and I’ve still got more to go. And as ever with our items, if you like the idea but you’d like it in a different size or a different fabric, then drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you.



3 Responses to “Shop Update”

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  2. pip Says:

    these are really lovely… I reckon 6″ dpns are the most popular as well yet it’s hard to find rolls/envelopes for that size.. until now 🙂

    • Oh, thank you, glad you like them! We’re really proud of them. I just got sick of losing my sock needles down the back of the sofa and we couldn’t find any one selling anything like them elsewhere.

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