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C is for… November 10, 2010

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As in complete these sentences: “The weather is ___________ and I have caught a ____________.”

If you want a proper English lesson starter, feel free to add some interesting adjectives to the missing noun. (Although technically I think ‘cold’ in the first clause of that sentence is actually an adjective, as it describes ‘weather’. Okay, I’ll remove my English teacher head now.)

In any case, it is and I have. Caught one, that is.

Orlaith had the day off from preschool as I was feeling too revolting to stir from my nest this morning and she decided she wanted to spend the day in her pyjamas instead. (You;ll see why when you see the photos further on.)

And what is a busy but cold-stricken crafty mother to do to entertain her bored and chilly offspring when housebound?

See, I am pondering? (Orlaith took this picture. It's actually not too bad!)

The obvious answer is BISCUITS (which doesn’t in any way start with ‘C’. I grew up calling them biscuits, I believe one’s counterparts in the United States would refer to them as ‘Cookies’. I watched Sesame Street as a kid, I’m down with the ‘lingo’.)

Orlaith says she was thinking about tasting the mixture when I took this picture

Esme helped me stir in the flour. She was so pleased with herself.

I let the girls do most of the mixing – and yes, those ARE astronaut pyjamas Orlaith is wearing. Now you know why she didn’t want to get dressed today.

We had some chocolate beans kicking around in the cupboard, so we chucked them in liberally.

Esme and Orlaith didn't quite get the concept that the beans were supposed to stay IN the bowl...

To get the biscuits into the oven in one piece required some fairly quick thinking. The girls wanted to help me roll them and put them on the trays but I could see this ending in disaster. (Control freak? Me? Nope, just wanted to actually have some biscuits to eat at the end of the process.)

So we kind of conveyor belted them. Orlaith rolled them:

Concentrating very hard on NOT eating the dough...

Esme splatted them… I mean, moulded them into carefully designed round biscuit shapes.


Dough circles ready to go into the oven, complete with the traces of Esme’s finger prints:

And here they are, fresh out of the oven:


I can confirm they tasted fantastic and actually my cold is miraculously feeling much better…(well, okay, not MUCH better and it’s probably mainly because I didn’t go out or do too much today. But I think the biscuits contributed a bit.) They melted in the mouth and were absolutely lovely. I’ve got a whole tin full of them, although the kids have been clamouring for them all afternoon so I don’t know how long they will last.

They were also vegan. Made from a recipe from Vegan With A Vengeance. I’m a lapsed vegan, still a strict vegetarian, but the only success I ever have with baking seems to be with vegan recipes, so I’m sticking with what I know!

And on the topic of veganism, it happens to be Vegan MOFO this month (Vegan Month of Food) It’s a fun idea, people round the world who share the same dietary and lifestyle beliefs, cooking and blogging up a storm. Feel free to check it out. Or not.

As I say, I’m no longer vegan (although that’s partly for convenience reasons, with two small children who are lacto-ovo veggies and a husband who’s an omnivore) but there’s lots of good stuff about veganism and vegetarianism and it can be interesting to read about what other people are munching on too. Lots of people think veganism is all raw tofu and beansprouts, so I thought I’d share the biscuits just to show that vegan doesn’t necessarily mean boring. (Or healthy!)

And now I am putting away my soap box in a big cupboard and getting back to cleaning up the kitchen. Your normal crafty blogging serviceswill resume shortly…


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  1. pip Says:

    sounds like you had a great day 🙂

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