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Yarn Party Blog Buttons November 15, 2010

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I am a bit of a luddite at times – despite actually knowing a reasonable amount about computers and how to make them do Stuff – so I am quite proud to show you my handiwork: I made a clickable blog badge button thing-uh-ma-jig with our shiny new Christmas Party Logo on it.

The Logo was designed for us by the ever lovely Julie from Tilly Flop Designs, one of the lovely vendors coming along to the party and an amazing graphic designer! She offered to help us if we needed assistance with flyers and so forth and we, of course, leapt at the chance because we (well, I, anyway) are absolutely pants at art!

Julie came up with no less than five fantastic ideas and it was a very painful evening’s work trying to choose which one to go with because we loved them all. But in the end we had to go with this gorgeous Christmas tree:

Design by Julie Nelson Rhodes of Tilly Flop Design


Isn’t it fab?

I can take no credit for the art work whatsoever, but if you look over to the right, you will spot a button with the logo on it. Click on it and it takes you to the new page I wrote about the party. All the info you need is there, we’ll add things like Google maps and transport instructions shortly – I had to take Esme off A& E to get checked out this afternoon so things were a little rushed! (She’s okay BTW, just miserable and unwell.)

Underneath the button you may notice a little box with some HTML code in it. If you’re attending the party, whether as a vendor or as a guest, and you would like a badge of your own for your blog, you can copy and paste the code into whichever blog builder you happen to use and it should make you a shiny button of your own!

If you try it out, do let me know. Especially if there are any bugs. I’m somewhat rusty at this HTML thing 🙂

Now I’m off to gloat over our pretty logo and comfort my whimpering offspring who is curled up, limp and sad and hot in my lap.



3 Responses to “Yarn Party Blog Buttons”

  1. pip Says:

    I Love your Christmas tree design… beautifully put together!

  2. Can’t wait for the party, and love the button! Have posted at MichaelaKnits and put up the button!

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