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Bom bom bom bom Ba bom bom Ba BOM November 16, 2010

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Look what I made!

Come to the DARK SIDE

M is for menacing. S is for Sith...

Oh Mrs Vader, why your boy he turn out so bad?



















I learned quite a lot from making this wallet.

1. The pockets need to be slightly deeper and the method I used for folding the lining is ridiculously overcomplicated. Useful.

2. The main body of the wallet probably needs to be about an inch wider than it is and could probably be about an inch or so higher as well. Just need to tweak the seam allowances.

3. I freaking LOVE this fabric. It’s so atmospheric and above all uber geeky.


I am keeping this one just for myself because I WANT to. And don’t argue or I’ll turn my death star on you.

I’ll be working up some more of these using my improved techniques for Collectormania in 2 weeks time. If you want one, let me know. I have about 2 metres of this fabric left and it is awesome. (Even if it does have General Grievous on it Sorry, my inner nerd is overwhelming me slightly this afternoon.)



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