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Folksy Friday: Geekgasm November 26, 2010

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With Alex and Scott off to Collector Mania this weekend, I thought I’d do a geek-inspired Folksy Friday. Before any one gasps in horror at the label, I proudly count myself a geek and occasionally a nerd. So I’m allowed to say it!

Anyway, here are a few of the items that ocme up when you search for Geek on Folksy:

Geek Resin - Microchop Bracelet by Spoilt Pig

Space Invader Wine Glass Charms by The Wist Wagon

''Trust Me I'm a JEDI'' Scrabble Pendant by Pendant Pixie

"Robots Are Our Friends" cross stitch sampler

Just a small selection. Found loads of amazing recycled hardware jewellery and so on but I couldn’t feature it all. Go seek it out for yourself and geek out!

And remember, if you’re off to Collector Mania this weekend, make some time to go check out our stall. Alex and Scott will be there, with enormous amounts of Lego (lots of Stormtroopers) and some cute geeky bibs and little oyser card holder style purses/wallets.

Me, I’ll be spending the rest of the evening huddling under my blanket, whimpering and hoping I feel better by tomorrow, and sewing press studs on card holders.



2 Responses to “Folksy Friday: Geekgasm”

  1. pip Says:

    nice geeky-stuff selection… might go and do a bit of gift shopping 🙂

  2. Emily Says:

    I bought my fiancé a light-shade made from old computer boards earlier this year, geeky stuff made form reclaimed tech is awesome.

    Also, in a shop this week I saw a large handbag bag, for women,with pictures of loads of Marvel comic book characters. Was very tempted to buy the bag.

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