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Christmas Market roundup December 8, 2010

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Okay, okay, it’s not a post with photos of the Yarn Party. Soon, I promise, my pretties, sooon. We’re still rounding up photos and all that sort of gubbins.

But I just wanted to let you know of a couple of Christmas markets we’re doing this week. They’ll most likely be our last ones for the year as we’re all exhausted!

First stop on the Christmas market juggernaut isThe Museum of London, Docklands. Alex used to work there, it’s a fab museum with some great exhibits and they’re holding a Fair there tomorrow evening. We did last year’s Museum of London Fair and it was a hoot so we signed up for this one. If it’s anything like last year, it should be great fun. Christmas carols, loads of great makers’ stalls and best of all a museum to have a look through. All details on the link.


Then this weekend we are dividing and conquering on a local scale as we hit both the Brockley and Ladywell Christmas Markets. We did these last year as well and they are such lovely events. Alex has been helping to organise the Ladywell one this year so she and Scott will be shivering by Ladywell Station, drinking mulled wine and enjoying the atmosphere. Whilst I shall be hauling my butt to Brockley to stand in the street as a purveyor of fine handcrafted wotnots for your Christmas purchasing.

We’ll have a wide range of stuff, as always, including some of the new lavender sachets we’ve been working on. Who says practical objects can’t be pretty? Ours are made with offcuts of the fabrics we use in all our other designs and we think they are rather fun. Plus, Alex found a really good lavender supplier so they smell absolutely divine – as long as you’re not a moth.

Details, details:

Brockley Christmas Market


Ladywell Christmas Market

Ladywell Station Forecourt

Railway Terrace




11th December 2010 – 10am-4pm


As usual we’d love to see you, if you’re in the area. If there’s something particular you’d like us to make up for you, why not let us know ahead of schedule and we can have it tucked away somewhere on the stall for you!


And that concludes this little public service announcement. The small child juggernaut rolls on too and I need to go bathe two paint covered miscreants who’ve been making a pirate island out of half of the mince pie box from the other night. Photos of their amazing creations later.




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