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Checking in December 27, 2010

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All right?

Nothing exciting to say, just checking in to say I’m alive, haven’t eaten myself into some form of food related coma or been beaten to death by the Owlettes in a chocolate induced fit of Christmas rage.

Had a lovely Christmas day, nice and relaxed, didn’t eat or drink too much, just felt cosy and happy all day. The kids were delighted with their gifts, especially the little musical instruments we got them. They each got a ukelele (suprisingly good value, £18 each for a lovely little instrument) and Esme also got an ‘Anno’ – a tiny el cheapo electric keyboard thing with lots of sound effects and maybe a two octave note span. It’s already had to go in the cupboard for a time out, after she decided that the appropriate response to being given presents and lots of attention was to bite me really hard on the arm. That went down extremely favourably, as I am sure you can imagine. Rotter.

J’s parents popped up yesterday and stayed over night which delighted the girls. We had a lovely meal with them and again just a very relaxed time, hanging out with the kids and enjoying each others’ company.


And today the girls and I are still defiantly in our pjs, parked in the lounge room playing with Lego and some Toy Story figures they got for Christmas. I’m lazily knitting a second sock to complete Esme’s first pair of knitted foot snugglers, much to her delight. She tried on the first one this morning and it fits perfectly, she is really excited for me to finish them.

And that’s about it from me for the moment. I am sure I’ll be stopping by again over the next few days, but really it’s just so nice to actually take some time off properly rather than saying I’ll take time off, while still obsessively checking the blog, the twitter feed, the shops etcetera. Over the next few months I guess I’ll be taking a lot more time off, hey! (Although not necessarily for such relaxing reasons…12-ish weeks to go!)

Enjoy your time off, if you’re having time off. And have a great New Year, however you choose to celebrate it!



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