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It’s bigger on the inside… January 3, 2011

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Never ever throw out a cardboard box. Seriously. Never.

We got a new suitcase delivered yesterday as the old one has been thoroughly trashed over the last 18 months of being dragged around to craft fairs.

The not-so humble cardboard box...

I came down this morning looking for the owlettes, only to be told by Jake that they’d left home, replaced by Mr and Mrs Fox, who had taken up residence in our lounge room inside their ‘den’.  The girls had gotten hold of the suitcase box and turned it into an underground residence of palatial magnificence. At one point, Esme even took a blanket and pillow inside and tucked herself up in bed.


Mr & Mrs Fox, Esquire. Please note panting tongue of Mr Fox



Over the course of the day the box has morphed from fox’s den, to mystery cave, to Toad’s motor car.

Poop! Poop! Get out of the way! Motorcars are The Only Way to Travel...

Then it was Cinderella and Prince Charming’s automobile on the way to their wedding, a rocket ship and now we’re back to Mr Fox again.

Prince Charming and the lovely Cinderella

Even the flaps and the tape can ebcome fodder for their imagination. Orlaith has pinched dangly bits of tape from the edges to serve as a doorbell for the cave and currently she’s manufacturing magic bracelets for protecting your village. All from junk.

Don’t have a cardboard box to hand? Don’t despair! Plastic storage tubs, wicker or plastic washing baskets, the backs of armchairs or the undersides of tables.

I have no idea what on earth they were doing. But look at those faces!

It really is such an easy way to let them explore the world and express all the things those spongey little brains are taking in. Chuck them a  box, see where they go with it and before you know it, they’ve achieved Lift off!

You're off to great places, you're off and away!



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