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Check out the shiny wares February 6, 2011

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We’ve been busy, busy ladies. Well, this week mostly it’s been Alex who’s been busy although I redeemed myself somewhat this evening with a sudden burst of industry. Nonetheless we have a whole pile of new shiny things to share with you, partly as a general stock update and partly as we gear up for the short glide towards our first appearance at Unravel.

So excited that we’ve got a stand there, we went to one of the early ones, possibly the first one, a couple of years ago. Such a lovely atmosphere and such fab vendors. Really wonderful knowing that this year, we get to be a part of it from the other side of the stand, so to speak.

But, I digress.

In the lead up to Unravel and the other shows we’re doing, we’ve been tweaking our needle roll design a little to add some extra length.

Chinese lanterns needle roll

We did a cursory poll on Twitter and those who responded said they liked the little DPN pockets at the side, so we’ve kept those and made the circular/straight needle pockets slightly wider, which means you can fit a circular needle in there still in its packaging, if you so wish.

Handy dandy pocketses. You really can fit an awful lot of needles in there.

We had a lady at Knit Nation who wanted to be able to store her needles in their casing and they just didn’t _quite_ fit. Now they should!

One of the things we had hoped to have ready for Knit Nation is matching sets. We didn’t quite have time to do it justice for KN last year but we’ve been working away over the last couple of weeks, sorting through our stash and finding fabrics we have plenty of. Alex has wielded that rotary cutter of hers like some kind of maniacal champ and has cut up a mammoth amount of matching bags and needle rolls. We’re workign our way, slowly but surely through the stack she’s created and they’re looking pretty cute. I’ll be listing a couple of them in the next few days but here’s a little sneaky peek at what we’ve got so far:

Knitting and cats, they do seem to go together!

VWs. So.Darn.Cute.

These are a couple of the Large Roll sets. They contain a Large Yarn pouch and a matching needle roll. We’ve carefully selected matching lining fabric and ribbons for both the pouch and the roll.

I love these robins and their wee fat bellies!

Then there is what I am calling the Sock and Roll sets. Sock yarn pouch and a needle roll, again matching linings and ribbons to draw the set together.

We think they’ll make lovely gift sets or be perfect for the completionists among our knitterly ranks!

I’ve got a couple more matching pouches to make up over the next day or so and I know Alex has also been hard at work at her place making all kinds of stuff, so we should have a fairly large update ready for you anon.

Some more general bits and bobs that we’ve been working on:


Goat! Postmen!

London iconography

I am delighted to say that I can actually see the bottom of my work basket for the first time in almost a year. It’s a wonderful feeling but I know it won’t last as Alex and her rotary cutter are determined to keep us hard at work for the foreseeable future!

As always with every show we do, if you spot something in particular in the shop or the stash, if you want to reserve a particular item for collection at the show or you’d like us to make you up something particular than do not hesitate to get in touch. Regular readers of this blog will know how much we love making custom orders – no, really, we’re obsessed with it! And it really is no trouble to make you something just for you.

And on that note, I need to go feed the furry people and head to bed. Look out for a shop update over the next few days full of mega super awesome wonderfulness and so on.



One Response to “Check out the shiny wares”

  1. pip Says:

    very cute! I love the vw camper fabric 🙂

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