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Folksy Friday – Books February 11, 2011

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One thing you could fairly say about the folk of the Bothered Owl is that we are passionate about books and reading.

The first book I ever read was Tootles the Taxi, a very ancient Ladybird Book that had belonged to my father and his brothers before being passed onto me. I never looked back.

From then on I spent 90% of my childhood with my head buried in a book. I knew exactly how Bastian Balthazar Bux felt about reading and I spent hours hiding on the top shelf of the walk-in wardrobe in my bedroom, with a torch and a couple of books. Books got me through the misery of both primary and high school, both attracting and protecting me from bullies. No matter how mean the other kids were, I knew I could go find a corner in the library and just lose myself. Books kept me sane and gave me an escape route when things became unbearable. I don’t know that I would have made it through without them.

Last week Orlaith read her first book. Haltingly and shakily with both of us pointing at each word together. Granted, it didn’t contain much by way of plot or character development – although apparently Peter likes Jane, Jane likes Peter and they both like toys. But she read it. Aloud. All by herself. By the time she got to the end I was almost in tears. She was glowing with pride.

So in honour of that first book and all the ones to come, I thought I’d do a book-themed Folksy Friday.

First up one of my favourite sellers on Folksy: Bookity. Makes incredible things like handbags and purses from old books. Also makes rather awesome literary themed brooches.

A fantastic brooch from Bookity

Next up we have these vinyl record book ends. I have some old fashioned library book cases, so sadly these would serve no purpose in my house, other than being very cool. But I do love seeing objects being transformed for new purposes.

Vinyl Record Bookends by Beetle Juice

I have to confess that while I love books, I am not kind to them. I have a few very precious hardcovers (no one better touch my gorgeous hardback copy of The Dark Is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper) and many comics, which are all largely pristine. But I’m sure I drive Jake to distraction with our other books, bending them open on their fronts to mark my page, or even worse dog-earring the corners of the pages.  So this next item is something I really should buy and apply.

Batty About Books bookmark by Cupid and Psyche

Finally, as a former secondary school English teacher, this next item expresses a sentiment that is very close to my heart.

Read More Books print by Iota Illustration



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