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Unravel March 3, 2011

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The weekend of February 26th and 27th saw Scott and I heading to Surrey for the annual wool festival that is Unravel. This was the third year that it was held, and it was the biggest and best yet.

Saturday morning we were up before dawn to be on the first train out of our local station. We are lucky that we can fit everything we need for a two day show into two large suitcases.

We arrived at Farnham Maltings just after 8am to set up our stall. We were guided to the front door by knitted arrows, and other knitting decorations hanging in trees, off fence posts and decorating the lawn outside the building. Even the staff had knitted name badges. This motorcycle caught my eye and was just as you walked into the main entrance.


We had our stall set up on time and ready for the doors to open at 10am.


All set up & ready to go

The weekend was a busy one. Saturday was busier than Sunday.

The lovely thing about doing shows is meeting people who have bought things from you before, people you interact with on Twitter, and people who read your blog. And there are of course those who have never heard about you before.

And now that we’ve done a few of these shows, we have made friends with some of the other vendors too. It’s always good to catch up with them as well.


Martina from Yarn to Knit

Easyknits Stall

Not only do we catch up with people that we have previouslymet, but we also meet new people. In the hotel we were staying in on the Saturday night, while we were ordering a cab at breakfast, Michelle and Rob Green offered to give us a lift to Farnham Maltings. Talking to them over breakfast we found out that this was their first yarn show. We really appreciated the lift and they were really interesting to chat to as they do a lot more than just yarn.

Not only did they have a lovely stall but Michelle won best in show with this amazing crocheted tea cosy. The other items in the room were all lovely and made with such care and expertise. If you click on the photos you will get a larger image and will be able to appreciate the detail. The theme is Temptation – Eve is tempting Adam with a cup of tea!

At this show we unveiled a range of new stitch markers made of fimo which look like food – cake, fruit, cookies etc – and these were a big hit. Lots of people picked them up and gave us lots of compliments.

We also decided to have a tray with the crochet markers. This show we were organised enough to have these labelled, and this made a significant difference to the number of people looking at them. At our next show Wonderwool Wales we will have a similar tray or two well labelled and also another one for sock/lace markers which will have smaller rings for thinner needles.

Hope to see you at Wonderwool Wales.




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