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Doctor Whoooooooo – HEY! March 12, 2011

I have a long standing obsession with the Doctor. My Dad used to tape all the old shows off the ABC when I was a kid and my sisters and brother and I devoured them, voraciously. We can debate the merits of John Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davidson till the cows come home. We even watched as many of the original Hartnell episodes as we could get our hands on.

I used to dream that one day on my walk to the bus stop the Tardis would turn up and whisk me away for fabulous adventures.

The only Doctor I’ve never seen even a single episode of is Colin Baker because my Dad felt those episodes were too violent for us.

I still seethe in rage and bitterness over my Dad punishing me for something particularly naughty by taping over the final episode of a particular story arc, during the Sylvester McCoy years. I’ve never found out how it ends 😦

Anyway ages ago, when I was working on a certains Star Wars messenger bag for a certain Jon of Easy Knits, he asked if I would be able to get hold of any Doctor Who fabric and I had to very sadly answer in the negative. Search though I might, the Doctor always eluded my wily grasp.

And then Alex, with her incredible ability to find amazing fabric, went to a comics show and there, happened to chance upon a chap who had not one, but two Doctor Who duvet covers with matching pillowcases. She told him she’d take both of them as she was going to use them to make stuff like bags and I believe he went a slight shade of green. We’re philistines!

Anyway, we mentioned on Twitter that we had found these holy grails of fabric and straight away the very lovely Debbie replied saying that she would like us to make something with some of it, once it arrived.

The project kind of got put to one side, until Alex bumped into Debbie at Unravel and then she put in an order for a few bits. And then a few more bits and a few more bits.

Like me, Debbie is a proper, old school Whovian. We even have the same favourite episode! (Pyramids of Mars, for those who care.) So it was an absolute pleasure to devise the cunning objects which I shall now reveal.

Giant Yarn pouch

Mmm, tardi-licious

Sock needle envelope

Foldout needle envelope

So far, so standard for us, hey. But now onto something new and different.

Debbie spins as well as knits and has a couple of different types of spindles, including a gorgeous Russian supported spindle that her sister in law made for her. So she asked if I could fashion some spindle pouches for her.

We had a chat about what she would like, and decided on some extra pockets and some padded bits to protect the wood.

Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Spindle pouch number 1

This is the pouch for Debbie’s Russian supported spindle. This is a spindle with a bowl that you insert the end of the spindle into. The bowl has some kind of a notch in it that hold the spindle in place as you spin it ( I think?) hence it’s a supported spindle.

I’ve made the pouch extra long and added a padded pocket on the outside for the bowl to slip into.

On the inside:

Spindle pouch number 1: interior

A long padded pocket (lined with fusible fleece) provides a home for the long, relatively slender spindle, while the rest of the bag provides plenty of room for whichever fibre Debbie’s working with at the time.

I used fusible fleece in the base of the pouch too, just for a bit of extra stiffness and cushyness. It closes with a drawstring, like all our normal pouches.

Pouch number two is for a drop spindle (not sure if it’s top or bottom whorl – check out me and my technical language. I do actually own one of each. Can I spin? Can I, heck.)

It’s slightly shorter:

Spindle pouch number 2

(I realise it probably looks an awful lot like the precious two pouches, these photos are at least partly just for Debbie, as I know she’s been waiting a while to see her shiny things and they won’t arrive till next week.)

On the inside, a larger padded pocket provides room for the wider shape of the drop spindle. It also has a secret pocket in behind which could be used for things like scissors and so forth.

Squishy padded pocket

The base on this one is also padded with fusible fleece and again it has the same wide shape that our normal pouches have, leaving loads of room for squishy delightful fluff!

And I’ve still got a duvet and a half worth of fabric left to play with…

Anyway, it’s not quite the TARDIS turning up out of the blue to take me away from all this, but these were an awful lot of fun to make – the fleece really tested my patience at times but the result is really nice, very squishy – and I hope Debbie, as a fellow Who fan, will appreciate and love them!

When I’ve got a bit more time to sit down and think properly about it, I am going to figure out a more standardised design to accomodate general drop spindles and so on, as I think spinners are a sadly neglected bunch when it comes to pretty accessories. Watch this space, eh!

Sarah 🙂



14 Responses to “Doctor Whoooooooo – HEY!”

  1. cazhugs Says:

    wow…I mean really wow! I love LOVE the Old school Dr who’s…i used to watch them every sunday with my mum! I even went through a phase of only wanting to eat jelly babies and wear a very long scarf haha!! Ive been wanting to ask you a question but I wasn’t sure how to contact you so i’ll have to ask here 😛 How did you get that Folksy link on the side of your Blog?? oh and the Etsy one too? Ok sorry for the super long post 😛

    • Go, Who fans, GO!
      I tell you, if I could have found some celery or question mark shaped buttons to go on the envelopes, I’d have walked over hot coals to get them.

      (My heart belonged to Tom Baker because he was my first Doctor but Peter Davidson was a _very_ close second. Adric is my favourite companion of All Time. I wept at the end of his final episode. Like a big wussy girl.)

      Regarding the Folksy and Etsy links, I’ll have to have a wade through the linky section of the blog to refresh my memory and I’ll get back to you.

      Oh, and you can always email us any queries and so on: Emails to thebothered owl AT gmail dot com will get our attention fairly quickly 🙂

      • cazhugs Says:

        ooo thanks, shall make a note of that e-mail address 😉 I don’t know which one my fave was…… changes everytime I see an old episode! i didn’t like the Colin baker Dr Who though he scared the bejeezus out of me 😛 he seemed like a very angry version of the Dr!! I was quite young when I watched it so I don’t think i really understood what was going on haha!! I used to hate it when he changed too as I get very attached if I like someone haha!! I also don’t like the new Dr….iv stopped watching it now coz I REALLY don’t like him!!

      • I find the actors who play the doctor these days are doing their best, but I find the storylines are so rushed and soap opera-ish. There’s very little by way of character development so I don’t care what happens to the incidental characters – hence no sense of peril or investment. With the old eps, you had a good couple of hours worth of story so you really got involved and there was genuine suspense.

        But that said, I still keep watching, hoping that sooner or later it will improve!

        I totally agree re Colin Baker. I’ve only ever seen excerpts from his episodes but he does come across as very angry!

      • cazhugs Says:

        I did have a soft spot for the Christopher Eccleston Dr….but thats because I love Christopher Eccleston haha!! aww I’m so happy iv had this conversation!! All my friends think im bonkers to like Dr Who….bit before there time or so they say 😉

  2. Whereswoolly Says:

    Spooky – I watched Adric’s last episode this morning on DVD. Favourite episodes change all the time but I may watch Daemons tomorrow

    • Am I wrong in thinking that Adric’s the only companion to have left in that particular way? (Trying not to be spoilery for people who may have never seen the old episodes 😛 )
      I really love the Key to Time story arc with the original Romana and also the episode with the gigantic vampire sleeping under the ground. Can’t remember the name of that story but it scared the hell out of me for years when I was a kid!

  3. Sadie Says:

    Oh, those are gorgeous! I’m a Doctor Who fan too 🙂 I think my favourite era was the Tom Baker/Lalla Ward years.

  4. Not so much a Dr Who fan now but Tom Baker was fabulous. The episode with the Hand that walked on its own scared the everything out of me. Was the first episode I ever saw as a kid and the memory has stayed with me forever.
    Debs is going to go nuts over her fab new bags! Absolutely nuts. You’ll hear squealing echo around the country as she opens her mail!!!

  5. You know, at some point, I may need a squishy super duper bag for a Turkish drop spindle, but not in freaky Tardis material LOL.

    • I think custom orders should hopefully be back online around May. If every thing goes according to plan…

      Now I am going to have to go research what a Turkish drop spindle is! Spinning is a whole new fibre-y universe for me 😀

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