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A tiny new arrival April 4, 2011

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Wee Foxy Fox

Made you look!

Brutus continues to be an obstinate little creature and refuses to come out of its own volition, so I am off to hospital tomorrow evening to begin a controlled explosion. Otherwise known as being induced.

But not before I managed to finish this little lady for Esme. She was in need of some solace and consolation the other day after a 2 hour shrieking session and I happened upon this pattern via the lovely Skein Queen’s blog.

Esme was mesmerised and the ensuing search for appropriate yarn calmed her down.

The pattern is called Intrepid Fox and you can purchase it from Ravelry. It’s a lovely, quick and easy knit with the option of making it somewhat more complex if you fancy some colourwork. I have never tried colourwork so I went for a slightly more vanilla option this time around.

I already have orders from Orlaith that I am to make her her very own fox, who shall be named Cuddles, apparently.

Esme’s name choices thus far are fairly predictable: she says the fox is to be named either Sleeping Beauty or Prince Phillip. Curse you, Disney classic movies, curse you.

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep until it was finished and Brutus makes it rather difficult to sleep any way, so I thought I’d share this with you, in case you’re also troubled with insomnia and in need of a comforting wee face to help you snooze.

Hopefully the next time I post, I shall have something else small and pink to share with you. Here’s hoping, eh.

In the meantime, I believe Alex will almost certainly have some delightful things to entertain you with in the coming days. Keep your fingers crossed for safe delivery, please!



2 Responses to “A tiny new arrival”

  1. Mary Says:

    Sarah, your fox is fantastic!
    Wishing Brutus a safe and speedy delivery,
    Love from Mary and James

  2. laura Says:

    wishing u lots of luck when the time comes!! 🙂

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