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Clubbing May 1, 2011

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You may remember from this post a while ago that I have a bit of a sock yarn problem.  Although it’s only a problem if you feel it’s a problem. I see it as my own little private art collection. And insulation.

In any case, I decided it was time to do something about it, after the discovery that I seem to have over 70 skeins of sock yarn kicking around. Inspired by my friend Suzanne, who was, in turn, inspired by this, I resolved to make myself a sock club aimed at using up what’s in my stash.

In the intervening period I got a little distracted by tiny things, like finishing off custom orders and having a baby. You know, the little, every day things that suddenly crop up and absorb every minute of your waking life.

But then this week I had a little time to myself so I ordered a big parcel of brown paper bags and today I went stash diving.

Snorkel is optional. But probably useful.

Stash diving is So.Much.Fun.

If you haven’t done it recently, you really should.Every so often, even if I’m not actually planning on making anything I like to dig through mine and roll around in it remind myself of what’s in there.

There's no yellow in my rainbow.

In my case, a surprising amount of purple and green. But no yellow.

One of the things I love about indie yarn is the way each dyer can take a particular colour and produce their own totally unique spin on it. (No pun intended. Genuinely sorry.)

Here’s some examples I retrieved from my heap this afternoon.

Sweet Clement, Enchanted Knoll, Knitting Goddess and Yarn To Knit.

All nominally green. All totally different. The Sweet Clement is incredibly intense, almost glowing. The Yarn To Knit is intense too, but it has a really grassy feel.

Another good example is purple. True purple, or so I understand from dabbling and much reading, is really hard to dye. Something to do with the different uptake times of red and blue dyes. It is also one of my favourite colours, as evidenced by the fact that I have a HUGE amount of purple yarn in my stash. I like purple because there’s such enormous variety and subtlety of shade in there. And it can be so rich.

Check it out:

Knitting Goddess, Sweet Clement, Old Maiden Aunt

Again, all purple, all semi solids but the differences between each dyer is incredible.

And then you have all the variegated and striping yarns. And again, no two dyers will do the exact same thing with the same colour palette.


Fyberspates, Solstice Yarns

The yarn on the left is some Fyberspates I got in a 12 month sock club a few years ago. It was the February skein, as I recall. The yarn on the right is a skein of Solstice Yarn I picked up just before Christmas. They use a similar colour palette but each dyer has done something different and striking with those colours.

Anyway, I digress.

I’ve spent a very happy morning and afternoon going through my books, paper print outs and Ravelry.

Yes, yes I do have a slight penchant for Cookie A's patterns. How could you tell?

I’ve picked 30 or 40 patterns and matched them up with appropriate yarns.

Make sure you work out whether the pattern will suit variegated or semi solid yarns best.

Knitting Goddess, Paintbox

The end result of the exercise: a massive pile of brown paper parcels:

Not *quite* as attractive as before. But intriguing!

I’m really looking forward to dipping into these. I figure with approximately 40 odd packages, there should be enough to keep me occupied for a good long while. You know, in those dull moments between changing nappies, feeding and generally stimulating the older kids, breastfeeding, making stuff for the shop and sleeping.



4 Responses to “Clubbing”

  1. cazhugs Says:

    I LOVE your yarn stash 🙂 Mine is kind of boring at the moment as my local yarn shop doesn’t do very exciting yarns……!!!!

    • The Bothered Owl Says:

      I buy a lot of stuff online and it’s also one of the perils of spending a lot of time at all the big yarny shows 🙂
      I’m fond of my stash, really. Every single skein in there conjures up a memory of some kind, even if it’s just of the particular show i bought it at. I got a Fyberspates 12 month sock club from my husband for my 30th birthday. I’ve still got some of the yarn from that sitting around, it’s nice though. Every time I make something from that yarn, it’s a nice reminder of that year 🙂

  2. OMG! I wish 2 hav a stash @least 1/2 ur size!

    • The Bothered Owl Says:

      It’s easy! Just completely fail to have any sense of restraint and then go to a knit/crochet show. Worked for me!
      Sarah ;-D

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