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Oops! May 2, 2011

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It has just been pointed out that I’ve not actually told anyone officially what the new owlet’s name is. Very remiss of me.

Come on, mother. The suspense is killing me.

He rejoices in the name of Elias Pelham Goldzieher Leavesley.

Goldzieher’s my maiden name and I’ve lumbered all three of them with it. Pelham is for dear old P.G. Wodehouse.

So there you go. Officially announced and registered and everything.



4 Responses to “Oops!”

  1. Claireejknits Says:

    He’s such a good looking baby. However, he wil forever be kown as Brutus to the twitter mob.

    • Aww, thanks! I think he’s pretty cute, but then I’m kind of biologically programmed to think that, hey 🙂
      And, if you ask Esme his name is Elias Brutus!

  2. Gina Says:

    Woohoo, Elias is a gorgeous little man. He looks like he’ll be a greyhound type, long and lean – and has that Goldzieher spark already. Must say Orlaith is looking quite the Sarah Jnr, which is lovely.

    As well as admiring your offspring, I’m really admiring your ability to sock-knit. Tell me, is knitting a more kid-friendly craft than sewing? I really, REALLY want to do something handheld and not be popping off to the sewing machine these days. I do like hand sewing but tend to stab myself repeatedly (and that’s without the help of the kids…)

    • The Bothered Owl Says:

      Hee hee! My Mum and Dad think she looks like me too – and she is about as daydreamy as me too.

      Huge congratulations on your own newest bundle. Susannah looks so much like you in the photos on your blog! I’m so glad to hear she got here safely and you look so happy!

      With regard to knitting, I find it tends to be a bit more kid friendly than sewing because it’s smaller and can be tucked away a bit more easily. And you can do it in your lap while watching over kid activities and so on. You just have to make sure they don’t take a fancy to your project and pull all the needles out. Not that my delightful offspring have *ever* done such a thing to me. Perish the thought!
      The other great thing about knitting with kids is that you can involve them in it, whether by making things for them or by getting them to help choose wool for things. It’s fun going through wool colours with them and talking about where it comes from and so on. Lots of fun jumping off points for them as well as something that helps keep you sane!
      Plus, at the end of it all you have something you can wear!

      (Wow. I have become a knitting apologist ;-P )

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