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Completion May 17, 2011

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Ooh lookit, lookit, I actually finished making something!

It’s the second pair of socks I’ve made as part of ORASH (Operation Replace All Socks with Handmade. Still not sure why it’s not ORAWSH but then I am an enormous pedant and it’s not my invention! And ORASH sounds like Oh, rash, which in hindsight signing up to knit a lot of handmade socks while being …ahem… snuggled by 3 small people, 2 cats, a husband and a handcrafting business may have been. Also, did I mention I am completely sleep deprived? Hence this very long run[on sentence filled aside! Roll on the caffeine, people. *twitches*)

Strange cloven hoof style toes

The pattern I chose was Hedera by Cookie A. I really like it. You get these lovely, almost architectural, columns of twisted stitches and lacy holes. Very graceful feeling.

Obligatory sideways pointy toe shot

I altered the toe somewhat, opting for a round toe construction rather than a wedge toe as written in the pattern. I’ve been wanting to try one out for ages because my socks always wear out at the side of the toe, where all the decrease stitches are. Round toes don’t have that little line of decrease stitches so I want to see if these wear out less quickly.

They look a little strange, slightly like I’m hiding a pair of cloven hooves in there.

But they’re very comfy, no pressure on my toes at all and I would probably use a round toe again.

I definitely recommend the book and this pattern in particular.

And now, bring me the caffeine, people. BRING IT.



3 Responses to “Completion”

  1. Wow! Gorgeous! Well done, girl.

    Now get back & make another one! 😉

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