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Knit Nation Part the First July 17, 2011

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I’ll be blogging more later but I have to get this up here and I can’t get Twitpics to work.

This was possibly the most awesome moment of my entire weekend:

Baby in a Bag

Ysolda Teague answers the age old question “Can you fit a baby in a bag?” with resounding success. And he didn’t puke on her or anything. He did look longingly at her glasses but his arms are too short and his coordinations not up to much yet so she was safe.

Alex convinced me to go try on some of the cardigans from Ysolda’s latest book, since I bought a copy and they were right there and all that. I can confirm they are really beautiful and they really do flatter those of us with more to offer *ahem*.

And as we were chatting to Ysolda (who is very lovely, by the way) Alex spotted the bag on her desk and pointed out that Elias would fit nicely inside it. At which point Ysolda asked if she could put my baby in a bag and promptly took him to her photo booth.

I’ve got loads more to share. I actually took photos today, unlike yesterday when I was so shellshocked at being out in society without noisy small independantly mobile people that I forgot. But I need time to forge them into some kind of coherent narrative.




Guest Blog: The Yarn Cafe July 11, 2011

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Alex and I are somewhat preoccupied with getting stock finished for a certain yarn event coming up this weekend  *cough*Knit Nation *cough*

Alex has, so far, made almost 80 bags, including the very special limited edition ones for our collaboration, and I know that she’s got more on the go as well.

I’m working a little more slowly than last year (anyone remember 100 items in a week? Glory days, I tell you, glory days!) but I’ve got needle rolls springing forth from my machine in a wide variety of fabrics to please the eye.

Anyway, as we’re both somewhat snowed under, we’ve invited Tracie and Simon from The Yarn Cafe to be guests on the blog.

 The Yarn Cafe is a brand new online yarn shop and Tracie and Simon have managed to find some gorgeous items with which to tempt us all – including some incredibly drool worthy Skein Queen colourways.

Skein Queen, By the Seaside

I do apologise in advance for my slightly lumpy interviewing style. I did once fail a course on print journalism at university so I’m in good company at least! Without further ado, I present The Yarn Cafe Team.

Please to introduce yourselves:

We are Tracie and Simon from Coventry in the UK.

How did you get into crafting?

Tracie: I first learnt to knit when I was 8 and was taught by my mum and had two grandmas that were prolific knitters. As I child I enjoyed sewing, drawing and the spirograph was my favourite toy. As time went on, I followed my more scientific side and only returned properly to knitting in January 2010 .

Simon: As a fisherman, I know all about knots and am able to cast on ,but I learnt to knit in September 2010 (when the promise of a free spinning lesson spurred me on). I have a knitting machine and have made numerous cowls on that and even some sparkly black fingerless mitts.

What are you working on at the moment?

Tracie: I have a number of projects on the go – a lace tablecloth, socks, a couple of cardigans and would like to learn to crochet.

Simon: I am currently knitting a cable jumper for myself (in between knitting some miniature bobble hats).

What else are you into?

Tracie: I am inspired by music, nature and impressonist art but also love films, computers, web design and gadgets.

Simon: I love music (especially Metallica) and have a drum kit and a few guitars. I also love gadgets, fishing and my VW campervan.

Tell us more about the shop

Tracie: There are not too many yarn shops in the Coventry area and as buyers, we found it hard to get hold of good quality yarns (as did our local knitting group). We have decided to set up an online web shop that stocks the usual items such as needles and notions, but also have some exclusive lines made for us by designers. At present we stock Fyberpsates, The Bothered Owl, Atomic Knitting, Skein Queen, Rooster Yarns, Lang, King Cole, Knit Pro, Frangipani and Blacker Yarns with more to follow.

Blacker Designs yarn

So there you have it folks. And if you’d like to see a photo of one of the sock pouches we’ve made for The Yarn Cafe, how can we deny you?

Coffee and Doughnuts – YUM!

I made up 10 bags, all in fabrics you will only be able to get from The Yarn Cafe. A couple of them are sold out already but I can confirm I’ve got more of those fabrics and once the Knit Nation slog is out of the way I’ll be cracking on with some more bits and pieces of loveliness for Tracie and Simon.

We wish Tracie and Simon all the best with their new venture!

And now, it’s back to the Knit Nation grindstone for us.

Three days to go!

Sarah 🙂


Knit Nation 2011 Preview July 7, 2011

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It is only one more week until Knit Nation 2011 and this year we will have a stall full of lovely and fun treasures. So come and visit us on stall 134.

We are very excited about our London in Stitches collaboration. Pre-orders sold out in just 24 hours, but we will have 20 available on our stand on a first come, first served basis.

Individually numbered skeins


We are very excited to be able to show you the first photos of the completed pattern.

St Pancras Sock

South Kensington Shawl

To complement this we have a limited number of The Knitting Goddess’ Tube Yarns. These come in 10g mini skeins and 50g skeins. We have also produced knitting project bags and needle rolls in London themes. OneHandKnits lovely sock and shawl pattern will also be available to buy separate to the collaboration and would make an excellent present for anyone who is not able to make it to Knit Nation.

11 Tube Yarn Colours

OneHandKnits will also be launching her Doctor Who themed ‘Time and Relative Dimension in Socks‘ pattern. To complement the release of this pattern we have made a limited number of Doctor Who bags in all three sizes. This fabric we found at last year’s Collectormania. We will be at London Film and Comic Con this weekend (9-11 July) and will keep an eye out for any more gold nuggets like this.

Dr Who print bags

As well as our Lego stitch markers, we will also have a range kitsch and fun stitch markers. Any of our stitch markers can be made into crochet markers on the stall upon request.

In addition to the London themed project bags and needle rolls, we will have a large range of our sock, large and giant project bags. No matter the size of your project we will have a bag that will fit your yarn, needles and notions in.

Large Yarn Pouches

Giant Yarn Pouches

This will be the last event of The Bothered Owl before Alex and Scott return to Australia. Sarah will be continuing in the UK as the Undercover Owl while Alex and Scott will be opening the Quizzical Owl on October 1st 2011 after doing some travelling.

Sock Yarn Pouches


Stitch Markers in Use August 18, 2010

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Hello Internet,

Just a very quick update on what I have been up to, firstly, I have changed the web page of The Bothered Owl and was looking for comments on what people thought. It is not yet finished but would love opinions on whether they like the direction that it is heading. There is plans to buy better website software in the future especially if we decide to put shop facilities on the page.

Secondly I have uploaded all of the Knit Nation photos that we took to The Bothered Owl’s Facebook page, so if you recognise yourself, please feel free to tag yourself in the photo. Also if you are not already a fan then please become one.

Finally, I just wanted to upload a photo of our Lego Stitch Markers in use, if anyone has any photos of our products in use please feel free to email them to us at as we would love to see other people enjoying what we have made.



I don’t know what to do with myself August 2, 2010

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Ooh, dramatic!

But really, I am at a bit of a loose end.  Knit Nation Preparation (oh, poetic) has been eating up every waking moment not taken up by changing nappies and feeding children, for the last 6 months! And now it’s all over.

I’ve been very well-behaved.

Apart from moving it to clean around it, I’ve not touched my machine since 4 am on Saturday morning. I’ve tidied away all my unfinished pieces into my work basket and haven’t been tempted to finish any of them off. I’ve packed away all my lining fabric in bags and put all my un-interfaced fabric away in the big cabinet. I’ve not even opened the two rolls of interfacing we bought the other day.

I’ve cleaned the kitchen, even scrubbing the floor. I’ve started reorganising the kids’ toy boxes and picking up random stray toys lurking about the house. I’ve read stories, done puzzles, drawn pictures, gone to the park.

I’ve even gone through my yarn stash, cleaned out my knitting basket and re-ordered all my yarn by whether it’s sock yarn or there’s enough to make a cardigan.

I found a U.F.O. lurking in the bottom of my stash box that’s been there since 2006, shortly after Orlaith was born. I’d completely forgotten it was there and I’ve thrown out the magazine the pattern came from. I’m not entirely sure why I thought knitting a cropped cardigan in sand/gold coloured yarn was a good idea, or what I’ll do with the yarn once I’ve frogged it. Maybe I’ll just keep it as an object lesson to myself in what not to knit.

This evening I mended my second favourite pair of hand-knitted socks. It took me hours to weave the holes shut.

But I feel like I’m doing all these things to distract myself from the big, glaring, gaping vacancy that is the lack of Knit Nation to prepare for. I’m already well and truly ready for the IKnit Weekender (which we are REALLY  looking forward to) and only have a few more pieces I want to put together for that, so what do I do with myself now it’s all over?

Really,  any suggestions? I guess I could start on the bathroom…



Knit Nation – The Final Day

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Saturday started with a very alarm call and Alex and Scott dropped around to Sarah’s to pick up a few items that Sarah had gone home to make on Friday, one was a custom order and the other was a bag for one of the lovely ladies at the Knitting and Crochet Guild. After getting these from Sarah, we promptly sent her back to bed and went to get ourselves into South Kensington and breakfast. We went to Starbucks as Scott wanted a bucket of coffee and met Eirwen and Richard from Knitwitches Yarns in there and had a quick chat to them while scoffing down some breakfast.

Got to the stall and did some more tweaking of the displays, before Alex ran off to buy some of Wollmeise yarn and other bits before the market opened. Trying to remember what happened now is difficult as the day just flew buy but met lots of lovely people who all commented on the beautiful fabrics and said what a great use for Lego, I have so much in my attic/storage cupboard etc. (We will happy accept donations of Lego) was wonderful.

The marketplace where we were had a wonderful atmosphere across the 3 days. It was lovely to meet people who we had only ever talked to online and also to talk to the stallholders who were all very friendly and very chatty.

On the Saturday p/hop for MSF ran their raffle to which we had donated a prize, but unfortunately we didn’t win any prizes :-(. P/hop is charity knitting project that raises funds for the emergency medical aid organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders. All of the people on their stall were lovely and it is a very worthwhile cause, full details of what they do are available by clicking here.

Pack up was actually slightly sad because the room looked so very bare by the time it had finished and we were also sad because a lot of thought and effort had gone into our stall. Sarah went slightly earlier as once we had packed up we realised that we weren’t all going to fit into a black cab. When the cab arrived, the shelving unit didn’t fit in, whereas when taking it to the market we had a big van style cab. So Scott decided to take the shelving unit and catch the train home. The shelving unit wasn’t heavy but it was a bit awkward. The trip though was made far easier by a number of people stopping Scott on his way to South Kensington station and asking him why he wasn’t going to the Ravelry party, this made him smile that people recognised him from the marketplace.

Alex on the Saturday took a few photos and here they are to share, we will be putting all the photos we took onto our facebook page in the next few days so please feel free to go and tag yourself or anyone you know in the photos.

Brownberry Yarns and Crafty Koala

Old Maiden Aunt's Stall

Our wall of hand made items for fibreholics

Wall of Wollmeise Yarn

Scott's one act of rebellion was to wear his Leyton Orient shirt

Sets of stitch markers on our lovely vinyl record cake stand

Crafty Koala and Brownberry Yarns

Brownberry Yarns

The Little Knitting Company

Knitnacks and Tilly Flop Designs


Knit Nation Raffle – The Wiener is August 1, 2010

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We held a raffle at Knit Nation and to be eligible for the raffle you had to spend £10 or more  at our stall. We have blogged about the prize previously, these were the items on offer.

The Raffle Prize

We drew the raffle at 5pm on Saturday 31 July 2010 and asked the lovely Eirwen of Knitwiches Yarns who was at the stall beside us and was absolutely lovely to draw the raffle. The Winner is Kate Woolley. Kate was at the event yesterday and able to pick the prize from us, so we managed to get a photo of her with the prize.

Sarah presenting Kate with her prize