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Brockley to the Max June 5, 2011

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This is the second year in a row that we’ve taken part in Brockley Max as vendors. This year was a little different, in that Alex and Scott did all the work and I spent the afternoon wandering around after the kids and taking in the atmosphere.

A very cute, napping, impediment to ever getting anything done!

Elias makes it a little awkward to work on the stall so instead I got to take lots of pictures and soak up the sunshine.

Bibs and purses looking purty in the sunshine

Hats galore

The stall looked beautiful, set up under some trees to take advantage of the shade. It gets pretty hot up there on the top of the hill but the trees by the stone circle make the perfect spot to lay out a stand. Unfortunately the hats didn’t stay out too long as there was a hefty wind that made things a leetle difficult, but they did look lovely in the sunshine.

Beautiful brightly coloured cufflinks

We had our usual array of Lego finery on display. I really like what Alex has done with the backing cloth for the stall. She found a load of lovely crushed velvet/velveteen in one of the local fabric shops and it makes a great background for the Lego in particular. I think the dark background really makes the colours POP!

Our new jewellery stands

Lovely organic design jewellery tree

We were also trying out these gorgeous new stands that Alex found. Aren’t they great? A really lovely organic shape to them.

I also got to chat a bit to some of the other stall holders which was lovely. Normally when we’re working on a market there’s fairly limited opportunities to actually get to check out other peoples’ work.

Thai massage in the open air

Brightly coloured dresses and lovely local photos

Two stalls in particular caught my eye and I took the chance to have a chat with the owners about their work.

First up was the stall next to us, run by Pinky Sidhu. Like us, Pinky’s a knitter, but she works with wire and beads, including precious stones.

A really creative way of displaying some thoroughly beautiful jewellery

I’m totally fascinated by knitting with wire so it was interesting to chat with Pinky about what she does. She said the most common question she gets is about what type of stitches she uses to create the ‘fabric’.  No matter what stitch you use, it ends up looking the same.

So tactile.

I particularly love the lapis lazuli earrings.

I love the airiness and illusion of fragility created by the space between the stitches.

The other stall that really captured me was run by a lovely gentleman called Phoesbus Apostolides. Phoebus is a photographer but he also makes lovely fine silver jewellery.

Beautiful glass earrings. I love the silver knots above the beads.

Fabulous curves

This pair were my favourite. I love the combination of the bell shape with those long sinuous curves. I’d feel like a temple priestess strutting around with them hanging from my ears!

Phoebus works with a type of clay called precious metal clay. He molds it to the precise shape he wants, then bakes it in a kiln. Once hardened it becomes silver. He also works with a gold version as well, which he applies over the top of the silver clay to add a touch of additional colour.

A lovely ring

Unlike gold leaf, the gold PMC won’t wear away because it’s baked into the other clay. I rally loved Phoebus’ work and again it’s so interesting to get to speak to the craft person about what they do and hear how passionate they are about it.

The rest of my afternoon was spent like this:

Balloon swords for the win!

Orlaith enjoying the company of a charming local fire officer.

Esme was slightly bemused by the whole experience.

The main event of the afternoon for both of them was the craft tent. Last year they were both a bit too young to really get into it but this year was crafty bliss for them.

Completely focussed on their work

Adding some embellishments


Esme said she was painting a picture of the Tsunami. Or as she pronounces it 'the Salami'.


It's all fun and games...

And there you have it. There was also music, food, cider, large amounts of bubble blowing and some hunting for lions in the long grass at the bottom of the stone circle. And lots of people enjoying the sunshine and hanging out in the park. A fine end to Brockley Max for this year, I think.

As for Elias, he napped through the whole thing but seemed pretty pleased with the experience.

Two very enthusiastically and uncontrollably waving thumbs up from the youngest owlet




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  1. Liz James Says:

    I was sitting right by you. So sorry I didn’t recognise you and say hello.

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