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Knit Nation Part the First July 17, 2011

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I’ll be blogging more later but I have to get this up here and I can’t get Twitpics to work.

This was possibly the most awesome moment of my entire weekend:

Baby in a Bag

Ysolda Teague answers the age old question “Can you fit a baby in a bag?” with resounding success. And he didn’t puke on her or anything. He did look longingly at her glasses but his arms are too short and his coordinations not up to much yet so she was safe.

Alex convinced me to go try on some of the cardigans from Ysolda’s latest book, since I bought a copy and they were right there and all that. I can confirm they are really beautiful and they really do flatter those of us with more to offer *ahem*.

And as we were chatting to Ysolda (who is very lovely, by the way) Alex spotted the bag on her desk and pointed out that Elias would fit nicely inside it. At which point Ysolda asked if she could put my baby in a bag and promptly took him to her photo booth.

I’ve got loads more to share. I actually took photos today, unlike yesterday when I was so shellshocked at being out in society without noisy small independantly mobile people that I forgot. But I need time to forge them into some kind of coherent narrative.




10 Responses to “Knit Nation Part the First”

  1. Sadie Says:

    Oh, fabulous picture!

    It was lovely to see you yesterday 🙂

  2. Sandy Says:

    It was so great to see you again! And, I am so happy that Ysolda was able to answer that age old question! I can now dye happy! 😉

  3. m Says:

    I love the way her nails were done in just the right colour!

  4. loumms Says:

    Haha!! That’s so cute!! Aw, what a muffin.

  5. spinnywoman Says:

    Smashing piccy! Glad I saw him awake too.

  6. Gina Says:

    Lucky kid! I think I’d better suss out some of Ysolde’s cardigans too, being of the ‘well-endowed’ variety myself. When I’ve learned to knit properly, of course. And yes, I have found ravelry. It’s all over. See you there (when I figure out things like how to find you, how to put pics up, how to knit something to take pics of, etc etc).

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